A-Hunting He Will Go!

Hunting Season Update // October 22, 2016

Ben Krakowka: Hunting For Revenge


Ben Krakowka, Deer Lodge County Attorney, with dead elk.

On Halloween of 2014, County Attorney Ben Krakowka received my lengthy complaint about the crimes he had (allegedly) committed in Deer Lodge County. The complaint was sent to Krakowka for his response, by the Montana Office of Disciplinary Counsel, which is the (allegedly) corrupt Helena organization that is (allegedly) supposed to regulate lawyers in the state, but (allegedly) doesn’t. Montana has a bad track record when it comes to lawyers. Our legal system is ranked near the bottom, nationally. Lawyers in the state of Montana are not well-regulated at all. I found this out the hard way.

The Good Old Boys Club is alive and well among the lawyer community in this state, and Deer Lodge County Attorney Ben Krakowka is a good example. This man has no interest in justice; he has no interest in making Anaconda a better place to live. He scoffs at the law, and he scoffs at the citizens. His ego is massive and dangerous. He appears to have no compassion or empathy for other people. Krakowka is definitely on a colossal power trip. He uses his position as county attorney to carry out vendettas and to harass people who complain about his (alleged) criminal behavior.

Krakowka is also sexist and biased and not very well educated. As a result, violent crime has escalated in Deer Lodge County under his watch. Deer Lodge County has the highest rate of domestic violence in Montana, and one of the highest nationally. We have a very high rate of poverty; consistently over 20%. We have one of the highest suicide rates in the nation as well. For many people this is NOT a nice place to live. So, I complained about the county attorney and his deputies to the Office of Disciplinary Counsel about several issues, including an alleged child abuse, and the violent behavior of my neighbors, AND about the illegally-hired prosecutor, Susan Callaghan.

If You Complain, You Must Be Crazy!

On November 3 of 2014, County Attorney Krakowka wrote his response to my formal complaint about him. Krakowka arrived in my neighborhood on that day to take pictures of my truck, which he used as evidence in his written response to my complaint, to “prove” to the Office of Disciplinary Counsel how crazy I am. I had protest signs in the windows of my truck. Krakowka’s thinking is so warped and irrational, he thinks that having political protest signs in truck windows is a sign of psychosis and criminal activity.

He actually did this! He used the photos of my protest signs as “evidence” of my so-called criminal and psychotic behavior. County Attorney Krakowka has been very vocal about calling me “crazy” in public, for years now. Don’t take Poopsie seriously. She’s CRAZY!!

Like a fox, I am crazy. Keep in mind, these protest signs are perfectly legal and protected under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. Krakowka doesn’t think so. Krakowka has apparently never heard of the United States Constitution. He HATES any form of protest, and actively tries to suppress the citizens from expressing their opinions. Here are the photos he used as “evidence” of my insanity:


(photo taken by Deer Lodge County Attorney Ben Krakowka, November 3, 2014)

The signs in the photo above say:

(left) You Can’t Beat A Montana Woman!

(right) Fire The Liars! Who? Your Local Politicians!

Below are Krakowka’s other “evidence” photos. He will NOT TOLERATE protest signs!!


(photos taken by County Attorney Krakowka, November 3, 2014)


These evidence photos were taken by County Attorney Ben Krakowka on November 3, 2014. On the same day, November 3, somebody left a present for me on my truck. Below are the photos I took myself, of the same truck, on November 3, 2014, right after County Attorney Krakowka had been lurking around my neighborhood and standing in this exact same spot, taking photos of my signs:


It’s a bloody, severed deer leg, right where Krakowka had just been standing! I didn’t know until weeks later that he had been standing in the exact same spot on the very same morning. If I had known on November 3 that Kreepy Krakowka had just taken pictures of all my signs, I would have taken more photos of the truck; showing all the signs AND the deer leg. But I was in a hurry to call the cops and get the deer leg out of there, so I only took these two photos.

In the end, I removed the deer leg myself and the Chief of Police threw it on the back seat of his cop car, without covering it up. I wonder how many prisoners had to sit on the raw deer leg on the way to jail that day? The Chief probably took the deer leg home and fed it to his dog. Hey! It’s the Anaconda Way. I bet The Chief didn’t even spray Lysol on the cop car seat.


Welcome To Deer Leg County!

Kids walked by this deer leg on their way to school that morning. County Attorney Krakowka (allegedly) did this in retaliation for my complaint about him. Notice how HIS photos of my truck carefully exclude the deer leg. He obviously walked all around the truck, but was very careful to exclude this view from his photos. The Chief of Police thought this was funny. Krakowka thought it was funny.  This deer leg constitutes harassment and the felony crime of malicious intimidation. But nobody bothered to investigate, and the crimes in my neighborhood continued. This is how we live in Deer Lodge County.

I have endured assaults, vandalism, death threats, cyber-bullying and numerous other crimes. Several neighborhood children have been the victim of crimes as well. Several neighborhood children have witnessed violent crimes. Ben Krakowka has done NOTHING to stop the crimes in my neighborhood, instead he has condoned the crimes, and allegedly committed crimes himself, because of his hatred for me and his vendetta against my complaints. I absolutely believe it was County Attorney Ben Krakowka who left the bloody deer leg on my truck in retaliation for my protest signs and complaints. This man is out of control and needs to be stopped. He needs to be in prison.