A Sad And Shameful Story: Part Two


The Blight Siege Moves Forward.

We continue now with the sad tale of a blighted neighborhood and incompetent, corrupt government officials. We left our story with an ugly, dirty, oily, eroding mess on the hillside next to Poopsie’s house. As we have witnessed in graphic detail, it is apparent that Daniel Neesmith and his sidekick, roller derby bruiser Malicious Motherlode, are determined to take over the neighborhood and send Poopsie to Warm Springs for the rest of her life.

(For those of you who are new blog readers, and have no idea what I am talking about, please read Part One of this story before reading this latest installment.)

Below is another picture of the oily hillside. I have lots of pictures, and I simply cannot post them all here, but I have a few more for today. The photo below shows the protest signs in my windows. I really hate these signs, and prior to April 28, 2013, my house had been sign-free for almost six months. I didn’t have ANY signs in my windows for months. But after the Facebook bullying on April 28, 2013, I put these signs up in protest. The sign on the far right says Bullying: It’s So Uniquely Anaconda.

These protest signs are the reason Daniel Neesmith wanted to kill me:



This is why Daniel Neesmith hates me so much. I post signs like this. Nobody else in Anaconda ever seems to protest against domestic violence, even though Anaconda has the highest rate of domestic violence in the state of Montana. I have a First Amendment right to post signs like this. It is my CIVIL RIGHT to post signs like this, in my home and in my vehicles. Daniel has no right to terrorize me because of my signs. He is the one who moved in next door to ME… not the other way around. I had a sign in my window when he and Melanie first came to look at the property, before they bought it. That sign said:

~*!*~ caveat-emptor

In the photo of my window sign above, you see my dog Melvin in the window, as well. About six weeks after the above photo was taken, my healthy, happy dog Melvin was DEAD. I am pretty sure Daniel Neesmith poisoned my dog Melvin in my back yard. Why would Daniel do something like that? Well, this is why: Daniel’s girlfriend, Melanie Maki (also known as Malicious Motherlode), HATED my dog because she and my dog had the same nickname: MEL. 

Girl Named Mel. Dog Named Mel. Let’s Fight.

It was very uncomfortable having a dog with the very same name as the new next-door neighbor’s girlfriend. Every time I called my dog in the back yard, Melanie thought I was talking to HER. Every time somebody called her by her nickname in THEIR back yard, my dog Melvin went over to the fence begging for treats, because the OLD neighbor had given him treats all the time, while calling him MEL. Melanie got all pissed off every time I said my dog’s name in my yard. Once she told me I should call him by his REAL name, and quit calling him Mel. She was adamant about it. She hated my dog.

It was VERY bizarre and uncomfortable for me, having these hateful people move in next door. Melanie didn’t want to hear me calling my dog MEL, so she went down to get a restraining order against me from  Judge Pahut. The next time I called my own dog by his own nickname in my own back yard…. I was in jail. Oh you bet, it’s crazy. And it’s all true. This is ALL documented. Judge Larry Pahut needs to be removed from his position. Judge Pahut has caused an incredible amount of trouble in Anaconda with his illegally-issued restraining orders.

Melanie Maki hated my dog, and she hates me. I can safely say that Melanie Maki is a hater. The day Melvin died was one of the worst days of my life. He died about two weeks after Daniel committed a felony by causing major damage to my little white Toyota pick-up.  On June 2, 2013, Daniel Neesmith destroyed all the windows and lights on my truck, and destroyed my camper shell with a baseball bat, while trespassing on private property, AFTER the cops let him get away with a bunch of other crimes. If Daniel hadn’t trashed my truck in front of a whole family of eye-witnesses, the cops would have let him get away with THAT crime, too!

I miss my good dog Melvin so much. He was the sweetest dog I ever had. I loved this dog with all my heart. Melvin died in my arms at home, under suspicious circumstances, on June 13, 2013. I held him close to my heart as he died:


Vandalism.  Assaults. Threats. My Dead Dog.

After the cops let Daniel get away with the oil spill crime, Daniel Neesmith went on a CRIME SPREE and the cops condoned it; the cops even ASSISTED by looking the other way every time Daniel or Melanie committed another crime. Daniel and Melanie had a real fun time spraying me in the face with pepper spray while they trespassed on private property, so these people apparently have no qualms about hurting other people, OR other people’s animals.

I cannot prove they killed Melvin, but I am almost certain they are the ones who did it. My dog was healthy and then one day he just up and died; after Daniel and Melanie had gotten away with several other serious crimes. I didn’t have the money for an autopsy.  By that time, my home-based business was starting to suffer from all the neighbors’ harassment. I am sure Melanie Maki was very happy to have my dog GONE. I was heartbroken.

Here is Melanie in the photo below, cornering me in my driveway again. In this photo, she is talking on her cell phone to the police, and she is telling the cops that I am in front of HER house, 50 feet away, harassing her. She is within full view of her own security camera, and she is lying through her teeth, as usual. I have never been in front of their house harassing them. But these people have spent four years harassing me, just like this:

In_My_DrivewayThe most hateful girl in the hood. How many crimes has she committed?

Below are photos of Melanie Maki’s (alleged) handwriting on my truck windows:



I hate to tell you this, Melanie, but the signs I had in my truck windows did NOT give you the right to deface my truck. What did my signs say? They’re on the back windows:

Stop The Bully!

You Can’t Beat A Montana Woman!

The cops just let this go. They didn’t even bother to investigate, as usual. While I cannot prove who killed my dog, I am absolutely certain that the slurs in the photos above were written by Melanie Maki on MY TRUCK WINDOWS. The local cops are incapable of lifting fingerprints from glass surfaces. I am sure Melanie’s fingerprints were all over my truck windows after she did this.

This IS her handwriting, and she has been calling me CRAZY to anyone who will listen to her, ever since she moved into the neighborhood. Melanie was calling me crazy on Facebook just recently. Last fall, I believe it was Melanie Maki who threw a rock at the same windshield you see in the photo above, shattering it. She hates this truck, too. She hates everything about me.

The Kaitlin Leary – Adam Vauthier Connection.

kaitlin_bar_pix - Copy

Do you recognize the barflies in this picture? Why, it’s none other than the upstanding Anaconda citizens known as Kaitlin Leary (second from the left) and Adam Vauthier (on the right), plus Kaitlin Leary’s boyfriend Ken Hurst, on the far left. In this photo, however, it looks like they are not so upstanding. It looks like they’re one step away from the gutter outside the bar.

Kaitlin Leary herself posted the above photo on Facebook, so it’s in the public domain. Apparently Kaitlin thought this was funny at the time. I personally find this photo to be disgusting, immature, and unprofessional. At the time this photo was posted, Kaitlin Leary was the Anaconda-Deer Lodge County Assistant Planner. Her boyfriend just happens to be my neighbor Daniel Neesmith’s cousin. And Adam Vauthier is the first cousin of none other than Melanie Maki.

Is this starting to make sense now, dear readers? Have you been wondering how my neighbors were able to get away with all their crimes? The riddle is now solved. If you know the right people, or if you’re related to the right people at the Anaconda-Deer Lodge County Courthouse, you can practically get away with murder if you want to!

Here they are in the picture below. It’s my lovely neighbors, and their cousins, in a super fun group picture that was posted on Adam Vauthier’s Facebook page. Once again, I have blocked out the faces of people who are unfamiliar to me.



Anaconda Nepotism. It’s Big.

Connie Ternes-Daniels rides herd on the whole corrupt outfit known as the ADLC government, and her bullying needs to stop NOW. I spent several years of my life being terrorized by two of the immature people in the photo above, with the total cooperation and blessing of the elected ADLC Chief Executive Connie Ternes-Daniels.

Who is Adam Vauthier? 

He’s the guy in the photo above, in the lower right corner. We have met him on this blog before. He isn’t exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. In fact to me, he appears completely clueless. Adam Vauthier is the dude who wrote the history of Anaconda for the county website, and got the date of Anaconda’s founding wrong by at least 17 years. Adam failed to guess the correct century of Anaconda’s founding, too! Since losing the Chief Executive race to Connie in 2012, Adam has now morphed into one of Connie Daniels’ pets. Adam went to school with Kaitlin Leary. Both Kaitlin and Adam are somewhat naive, to say the least.

Adam was elected to the current government review study commission, alongside Heather Edwards, and the last I heard, he is the head of the county planning board, as well. Scary, much? You bet! I have plenty of stuff to post about this guy. He is definitely NOT the marketing guru that he makes himself out to be; quite the contrary. I believe that any money paid to Adam Vauthier by the county is a waste of money.

Who Is Kaitlin Leary? She’s In Connie’s Clique.

In the photo above, she’s on the far left. During her two-and-a-half years at the courthouse as the assistant county planner, Kaitlin Leary was Connie Ternes-Daniels’ pet employee. It almost seemed to me like Connie had a so-called girl crush on Kaitlin. Kaitlin was Connie’s shining star. In the commission meeting minutes, Connie gushed and gushed about how wonderful Kaitlin Leary is…. even though Kaitlin’s boyfriend’s cousin was terrorizing me, violating zoning laws, and trying to have me committed to Warm Springs…the entire time Kaitlin worked for Connie. And I believe Kaitlin and her boyfriend participated in that bullying.


Kaitlin Leary And The Big Huge Mess.

In a photo that I posted below, you can see the infamous Spite Fence that Daniel Neesmith put up the weekend following the oil spill. After the oil spill, and after getting maliciously thrown in jail again on May 7, 2013, I came home and put up a sign in my side window that said:

Mean People Suck.

Keep in mind, these foolish neighbors had a surveillance camera pointed straight into the side window of my yellow house. My window sign was intended to block their view of the inside of my home, since they were telling people they were going to post video of my living room on Facebook. My new sign INFURIATED the bullies, so they put up a spite fence to block their view of my window sign.

Daniel Neesmith went to a lot of expense and effort to erect the fence extension, pictured below, the weekend of May 10, 2013. This fence is TOTALLY illegal, as were the oil spill and the vandalism from the previous two weekends. And Daniel’s surveillance cameras pointing straight into my house were a GROSS violation of my privacy and civil rights. The cops thought it was funny, and so did Ben Krakowka.

I have no doubt that Kaitlin Leary,  former Assistant County Planner, whose boyfriend is Daniel Neemsmith’s cousin, had FULL knowledge of all of the zoning violations that I have been reporting on this blog, as did Connie Daniels and Doug Clark. I saw Connie Ternes- Daniels driving by and looking at this fence, and I’ve seen her driving by looking at the other messes, too. She couldn’t have cared less. Once, I saw Connie drive up with Melanie Maki in her vehicle. Melanie got out of Connie’s vehicle and laughed at me. By looking the other way and ignoring all these zoning violations, Connie is guilty of obstructing justice. She apparently not only tampers with public information, she obstructs justice as well.

I couldn’t see out of my windows, and this fence extended into my back yard, too:



After getting terrorized by Facebook bullies and the creepy neighbors, with the oil spill and the vandalism, I was getting fed up. I started emailing Doug Clark, the county planner, about all the zoning violations at the neighbors’ place. Clark’s email reply is posted below. I have only posted the first page of his May 13, 2013 email but will be posting quotes from the whole thing in the future. I have found that the longer the government email is, the more LIES it contains. Doug Clark has told some big whopping lies, using his government email address. Maybe that’s why they’re advertising for his job now?

FULL DISCLOSURE: oops. I meant to say partial disclosure! I have pasted my screen name Poopsie into the government emails posted on this blog.

Make sure to note the people Doug Clark copied on the following email. You all know THEM too! ALL of these people have been obstructing justice, and I am NOT LYING:

Doug_ClarkEmail-april13-2013 - Copy


Take note of the parts in the email highlighted in yellow. Almost everything Doug Clark says is a crock of bullshit. Here is the gate and side yard that Doug Clark is talking about in the email above:



Notice how the oil spill mess is still visible here. This does not look like an IMPROVEMENT to me. It looks like an illegal blighted mess, and guess what? It IS an illegal, blighted mess. This gate is NOT legal. It is considered a public nuisance by law. The only reason Neesmith installed this unsightly mess was to keep me from parking there. It is actually LEGAL to park there, and for thirteen years I had been parking there, but Daniel was determined to send me to jail if I ever parked there again.

Below is copy of the Neesmith’s permit application for this so-called driveway. Connie Ternes-Daniels’ assistant, Heather Edwards, gave this to me in late May of 2013, when I started complaining about the latest Neesmith mess. Keep in mind, Kaitlin Leary had just started her new job at ADLC as Doug Clark’s assistant in May of 2013, just after this application was signed. And also keep in mind, Neesmith and Maki were not even the legal owners of this property at the time they signed this permit application. This permit application is mentioned in ADLC government emails as the  ADP, which stands for Administrative Development Permit. 

The bullies filled this application out during their Facebook rant on April 29, 2013. It was the day after they trapped me in my own home, and vandalized my property:




The Most Bogus Bullshit I Have Ever Seen!

Okay… so the neighbors, who don’t even legally own the property yet, are applying for a driveway permit. I believe this permit application is a little, shall we say… OVER THE TOP? Look at all the things Daniel Neesmith is applying for, within the scope of a single driveway permit. He wants a parking lot. He wants additional street parking. He wants to move the existing building over, he wants a pole barn, he wants to remodel the so-called apartment, and he says the structure needs a NEW SEWER LINE, because there are NO LEGAL DWELLINGS on this lot at all. Hey… lookie. It also says the property needs a NEW GAS LINE, too! Go figure…

And also…. check out the “Demolition heading”. What the heck is going on with that? I believe both Daniel and Melanie filled the application out. That’s her handwriting on the cover sheet and on the top of the project description checklist. She’s the one who filled out the “Demolition comments”. Notice how Melanie prints the letter S. It matches the handwriting on my truck in the photo of my truck windows, on the word SHIT. I have lots of samples of Melanie’s handwriting. She has filled out plenty of police reports and restraining order forms, and it’s all part of the public record.

Anyway, I find it amazing how, in Anaconda, all of these big and strange construction plans can be accomplished with a single driveway permit, especially if your cousin’s girlfriend Kaitlin Leary works for the Anaconda-Deer Lodge County planning office. Let’s look at Neesmith’s outrageous wish list a little closer:


The Bullying Continues. It’s Ugly.

Daniel and Melanie were getting madder and madder that they couldn’t control everything I did and they couldn’t drive me out of my house. They tried EVERYTHING they could think of to harass me and make me lose my temper so they could have me thrown in jail. Below are more examples of the way they encroached on MY property with their harassing behavior.

Keep in mind, these people do not have ANY pictures of me in front of their house, harassing them. They have LIED through their teeth about me. In the photo below, taken in late May, 2013, they are blocking my front steps AND my driveway with two of their vehicles.

They were trying to have ME thrown in jail if I parked in front of their illegal gate, but it was perfectly okay for THEM to block my driveway and the access to my front steps with two of their vehicles. Here they are unloading their groceries from their big Dodge truck. Their own home is 50 feet away, and they are illegally blocking MY driveway:


In the next shot below, you can see Daniel’s little rust-colored Suzuki vehicle blocking my front steps. Daniel is waving to me and calling me a nasty cuss word. The word he was taunting me with is one of Daniel and Melanie’s vocabulary staples. For months, I had that word ringing in my ears, they yelled it at me so much. These people are disgusting! By this time, they were harassing me so badly, I had to park across the street. I couldn’t park in front of their gate, and I wasn’t allowed to park in front of MY OWN HOME, either. Here’s Daniel, taunting me:




Next, in the photo below, we have another Neesmith harassment tactic. This tire pile appeared on my No Trespassing sign right after I refused to sign a plea agreement with the illegally-hired prosecutor, Susan Callaghan, that would have sent me to jail for THIRTY DAYS if I so much as got ONE CIVIL PARKING TICKET for parking in front of the neighbors’ illegal gate:


Daniel was FURIOUS that I refused to sign the bogus plea agreement, and this tire pile was my punishment. By this time, Daniel had been ordered to take the spite fence down, but he left up one board on the fence… and was never ordered to take THAT down. I think other neighbors must have complained about the spite fence.

This pile of Daniel’s junk tires sat encroaching on my property for almost TWO MONTHS, despite my repeated complaints to the planning office to make Daniel remove it. This is an absolute violation of the county’s decay ordinance, but the county WANTED this mess to stay in place. The county had NO intention of making Daniel remove this mess. The police told me if I so much as touched this pile of tires, they would throw me in jail for violating Judge Pahut’s illegal restraining order.

I AM NOT KIDDING!!  This is truly insane. The corruption in this town is almost unbelievable. We have some of the meanest, nastiest, most vindictive and corrupt people I have EVER known… working for the local ADLC government.

Kaitlin Leary and her mentor Connie Ternes-Daniels must have thought these tires were a real nice touch, so close to the courthouse. This mess sat there for literally WEEKS… just down the street from Connie Ternes-Daniels’ office. When I complained about it, they all called me crazy. And of course, Daniel and Melanie thought they were invincible. They were all pumped up with a huge sense of POWER because the idiots at the county kept letting them get away with crime after crime after crime!

Here’s another case of harassment, pictured below. It’s yet another one of Daniel’s junk vehicles, illegally blocking MY driveway. Talk about a double standard! There is something a little OFF about a guy who takes great, sadistic pleasure in harassing other people. The cops REFUSED to deal with it. I am the only one who ever gets any parking tickets in this neighborhood. Daniel is above the law:



The Illegal Dwelling & The County Liars.

Since Daniel could obviously do anything he wanted to, without any repercussions, he kept the harassment going strong. He was unemployed, so he had nothing better to do. Then his father moved in again, and things got even worse. James Neesmith hired the shady “contractor” Jim Strande to do a bunch of illegal construction work. As mentioned several times previously on this blog, Jim Strande ILLEGALLY, without any legal permits, hooked up both of Neesmith’s city lots to one water line, and one sewer line as well. 

As far as I knew, the Neesmith’s ONLY so-called permit for all of this work is the one I posted above. As you can see, the document I posted above is not exactly a PERMIT… it’s simply a permit application, and nobody in their right mind would have ever approved a permit application like this one.

One day, when I was hiking up the C-Hill, I noticed Jim Strande digging a trench between the Neesmith’s two lots, behind the houses. Since I was aware that there was no legal sewer line or water line hooked up to the lot closest to my house, I called the county about it and complained. I knew full well what Jim Strande was up to. Here is the reply I got from Heather Edwards:


On April 9, 2014, James Neesmith was so infuriated that I complained about his illegal digging, he threatened to kill me TWICE in one day. The first time, he threw rocks at me in my driveway as I was coming home from doing errands. The cops ignored it. Then later that evening, James pulled a large hunting knife on me in the street, in front of a 10-year-old witness, and threatened to kill me again, because I had complained. Thankfully, since there was an eye-witness to that crime, the cops did throw the old man in jail, but the police totally FORGOT (on purpose) to inform me when James was released from jail, violating the law yet again.

At this point, I was getting really upset. I kept calling the county, asking them to see the home occupation permit that Doug Clark supposedly issued to the Neesmiths. After several calls and emails, I finally got another reply from Heather Edwards. Here it is, below. Pay attention to the yellow highlights!

Heather LIes-April -14-2014 - Copy

As you can see, by the time I got this email, it had been almost a whole year since I first asked to see the Neesmith’s permit. Heather says in the email above that she “did get a copy of the ADP”, and she sent it to me. I figured I would receive a copy of the Administrative Development Permit in the mail the next day. Instead, this is what Heather Edwards sent me:


Here’s a closer look:


In Your Face: It’s Heather Edwards’ Handwriting:



Looks Like Felony Tampering.

Montana Code 45-7-208: Tampering with public records or information. (1) A person commits the offense of tampering with public records or information if the person:
     (a) knowingly makes a false entry in or false alteration of any record, document, legislative bill or enactment, or thing belonging to or received, issued, or kept by the government for information or record or required by law to be kept by others for information of the government;
     (b) makes, presents, or uses any record, document, or thing knowing it to be false and with purpose that it be taken as a genuine part of information or records referred to in subsection (1)(a);
     (c) purposely destroys, conceals, removes, or otherwise impairs the verity or availability of a record, document, or thing; or
     (d) purposely or knowingly misrepresents the person’s identity or the use for which personal information is sought in order to obtain personal information from a motor vehicle record under 61-11-507, 61-11-508, or 61-11-509.
     (2) A person convicted of the offense of tampering with public records or information shall be imprisoned in the state prison for a term not to exceed 10 years or be fined an amount not to exceed $50,000, or both. Code:

Yep. Looks Like Exactly What Heather Did!

As you can see, this is NOT a permit. Heather sent me these pages in an envelope, on April 14, 2014. When I opened the envelope, I was disgusted to find that it was just another copy of the permit application that she had given me a whole year earlier. Except this time, Heather signed the top of the first page, and called this document a permit. By this time, a whole year later, the Neesmiths should have been issued an actual PERMIT, but Heather refused to send it to me. She tried to tell me this permit application was the actual permit, and of course, it isn’t.

Heather Edwards lied in the email above, as well. Look at the second page of the permit application. Here’s a close-up again, below. It says they need a NEW SEWER. It does NOT say they are going to re-connect the sewer, as stated in Heather’s email above.  Where on this application does it say that they are going to re-connect the sewer? I guess Heather is too stupid to actually read this permit application carefully? Or perhaps she thinks Poopsie is too stupid to notice this is not a permit; it’s simply a permit application?


We Have Now Entered The Twilight Zone.

There is not an existing sewer line on this property. The water line has never been hooked up legally to the property either. The water department had NO RECORD of a water line being hooked up to this property, and they still don’t. County employees, including Heather Edwards and Doug Clark, have absolutely lied through their teeth about this zoning mess at the Neesmith’s.

But the Neesmiths kept it up. Jim Strande kept doing illegal work on the property. They knew they were immune from prosecution because of Assistant County Planner Kaitlin Leary’s family connection to the Neesmiths. After Heather sent me the permit application for the second time, I left another voice message for Doug Clark at his office. I was trying real hard to be tactful, but this situation was getting out of hand. There was no legitimate reason for them to be stonewalling about sending me the permit. Here is the email from Doug:

Doug_April-18-2014-Pg1 - Copy



Doug Clark is telling lie after lie in the email above. The lies (and other especially stupid comments) are highlighted in yellow. This email contradicts the email he sent me a year earlier. The permit application is for a driveway. Nowhere in the permit application does it say anything about a “sewer reconnect.” It says they need a NEW SEWER. The permit doesn’t specify anything about the fence. There was already an illegal fence there. That white fence is NOT my fence!

A year earlier, Doug Clark told me in an email that the gate was legal, and I could not park in front of it. In the email above, he admits the gate was indeed illegal. And seriously, I cannot believe Doug didn’t think he needed to make any “administrative comments” or changes on that ridiculous application. The application wasn’t even filled out correctly!

My assertion remains the same to this day. I have been BADLY deprived of my due process rights, time after time. Doug Clark just keeps on lying in the email above. There is NOT a sewer line to the structure. The line was removed a long time ago. I have been inside the structure both before and after the new foundation was poured, and there have never been any sewer or water line outlets in the foundation.

It looks like Jim Strande had to drill a hole in the new foundation in order to run the sewer and water lines across the lot line to the other house. I mean, it’s kind of hard to hide the fact that you’re drilling through a solid cement foundation, when the buildings are so close together in Anaconda. Like duh, folks. My whole house was vibrating the day Jim Strande drilled the hole in the new foundation. And it was very, very LOUD.

There was NO existing sewer hook-up at that time. It was NOT always there, and Mr. Clark is a prolific liar. No wonder he is quitting his job. He is a liar AND incompetent. I have no idea how this idiot was ever hired by the county in the first place, but he should be in jail for obstructing justice, and so should everyone else involved in this fiasco.

How Damn Hard Is It To Send The ACTUAL Permit?

These people at the county really don’t want lowly citizens seeing public information. On June 11, 2014, I got thrown in jail for the FOURTH time, because I complained about some more illegal digging that James Neesmith was doing.

After I got out of jail, on Friday the 13th, I started calling Heather Edwards again, trying to get information. As stated before, I believe county employees tamper with public information routinely. It’s as routine as going potty every day. When I told Heather that it was becoming quite obvious the county was trying to hide the actual permit from me, this is the reply I got:



FINALLY, on October 8, 2014, after almost a year and half of getting stonewalled by the county, my public defender decided to ask Deputy County Attorney Michelle Sievers for the permit, but Michelle Sievers sent my lawyer the very same permit application that Doug and Heather had already sent me twice before. I cannot believe how STUPID these people at the county really are. They REFUSE to abide by the law! Here is Sievers’ email to my lawyer, and a screen shot of the document Sievers attached in the email:





That Was All She Wrote!

At this point, I did indeed lose my temper and left a bunch of nasty messages for Michelle Sievers on the county attorney’s voice mail. Michelle Sievers had just sent my lawyer the same fakey, bogus permit application that they already sent me TWICE. To this day, NO county employee’s signature is on the permit application, anywhere,  except for a note from Heather across the top of the first page with her initials, even though there are actual little lines on the application where the planning department is supposed to sign. The planning department is supposed to sign these applications, not the CEO’s secretary.

After all of the MASSIVE stonewalling, it was pissing me right off at this point that they refused to send me the actual GODDAMN permit. Oh you bet. I was getting very angry by now.

Lo and behold, the very next next day, October 9, 2014… the shady deputy county attorney Michelle Sievers FINALLY sent my lawyer the only actual permit the planning office could cough up. Below is her email to my lawyer, and finally, after almost a year and a half of stonewalling, here is the so-called PERMIT, as well. At the time she sent my lawyer these emails, Sievers was trying to prosecute me on malicious, made-up criminal charges.


Michelle_october9-2014-permit granted



Deputy County Attorney Michelle Sievers is a LAWYER… she should know better! As you can see, this is NOT a home occupation permit, or a permit for a gate, fence and sewer re-connect, as Doug Clark stated in his email. It’s an illegally-issued permit for a driveway. ( I didn’t bother posting the Neesmith’s receipt.)  I should have been given a copy of this permit when I asked for it in May of 2013, but it took well over a year, and a whole lot of bullshit, to obtain it. I believe Michelle Sievers is guilty of obstruction as well. Sievers absolutely was intimidating me with the criminal charges, because I wouldn’t stop complaining about the zoning messes and crimes right next to my house.

   Montana Code45-7-303. Obstructing justice. (1) For the purpose of this section “an offender” means a person who has been or is liable to be arrested, charged, convicted, or punished for a public offense.
     (2) A person commits the offense of obstructing justice if, knowing another person is an offender, the person purposely:
     (a) harbors or conceals an offender;
     (b) warns an offender of impending discovery or apprehension, except this does not apply to a warning given in connection with an effort to bring an offender into compliance with the law;
     (c) provides an offender with money, transportation, weapon, disguise, or other means of avoiding discovery or apprehension;
     (d) prevents or obstructs by means of force, deception, or intimidation anyone from performing an act that might aid in the discovery or apprehension of an offender;
     (e) suppresses by act of concealment, alteration, or destruction any physical evidence that might aid in the discovery or apprehension of an offender; or
     (f) aids an offender who is subject to official detention to escape from official detention.
     (3) A person convicted of obstructing justice shall be:
     (a) imprisoned in the state prison for a term not to exceed 10 years if the offender has been or is liable to be charged with a felony; or
     (b) fined not to exceed $500 or be imprisoned in the county jail for a term not to exceed 6 months, or both, if the offender has been or is liable to be charged with a misdemeanor.


As shown in the recent photo below, this property already has a designated driveway right in front of the garage. There was no need for an additional so-called driveway going up the hillside. This whole ugly episode was meant as harassment, and to drive me out of my home. Does this current mess on the right side of the garage look like a driveway? NOPE!


Doug Clark and Heather Edwards withheld this public information from me for well over a year.  This is PUBLIC information about the structure directly adjacent to my private home. County employees lied about this information, they tampered with it, they stonewalled, they obfuscated, and they need to held accountable for their crimes.

Doug Clark issued this illegal permit while Daniel Neesmith was simultaneously committing zoning violations with the oil spill and the spite fence. Daniel should have been issued tickets for the zoning violations; instead he was rewarded for the zoning violations with an illegal permit. No competent county planner would have EVER issued any permits at all to the crime-committing Neesmiths.