A Sad And Shameful Story: Part One


Poopsie Gets An Email Message From A Nasty Troll.

I received the following email last night. I have no idea who this person is, but he doesn’t write very good poetry and he doesn’t know how to spell real well. He is also very mean and nasty and I told him to leave me alone. I wanted my blog readers to see this, though. This is TYPICAL Anaconda. This person has probably been drinking heavily:

Your blog is a sham, a collection of spam;
The crazy is creeping out, BOO, here I am.
You see I can play your same tired game,
Calling out respectful people out while taking no blame.
Poems are cute, for a third grade education,
But you’re too smart to put your brain on vacation.
Rise above the hate, be like a balloon,
Stand up in public, you paranoid buffoon.
Crazy is scary, it lurks in the dark,
Like when we watch you, across the street while we’re parked.
You think you’re innocent, but the skeletons know,
Your hipocrisy about crimes will soon be shown.
You claim police are involved in criminal activity,
Yet the only thing criminal on (your) street is your house and its vanity.
That pile of shit is the center of comedy,
A crazy potpourri of a lunatic and her prophecies.
Brown on the outside hiding nuts on the inside,
The very definition of irony, the fucking turd is fried.
And fried your mind will stay until help is found,
Your signs, blog and vitriol burned to the ground.
So let it be known, I’m here to stay,
As long as you continue to describe Anaconda doomsday.
You say you’ve been bullied, a claim that is garbage,
The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf is a fable you should acknowledge.

Crawl back in your hole and just be a good citizen.
Or I’ll continue to write poetry and call you to the carpet.

~The Troll

April 4, 2016

Poopsie’s Response To The Troll:

Hello, Troll. Please let me introduce you to my blog readers. The rant above is the precise type of taunting, name-calling and veiled threats that my neighbors, Melanie Maki and Daniel Neesmith, have been hurling at me for the past four years. The troll who wrote the bizarre, angry diatribe above is apparently asking me to post some proof of the bullying, and of criminal activity by the police. The troll thinks I am crazy. I believe the troll must either be a local cop, or somebody who is possibly related to a cop. Whoever it is, he is badly misguided. 

So, Troll, I will now post on this blog what I believe to be evidence of criminal wrong-doing by one particular Anaconda police officer. Since you called me out, I guess I better do something about it. I really, truly believe this particular cop could most likely be involved in some major criminal activity. This guy is named Officer Flack. And I am sure I am going to get a lot of flack for writing this blog post. I will probably get harassed by cops again, and by Officer Flack’s family. My house will probably get vandalized and I will probably get threatened, but the troll, and the rest of Anaconda, really need to see this.

The Story So Far: The Bullies At Work.

For those of you who have not read my updated Trolls of Anaconda page, please do so now. Below, again, are the pictures of my neighbors, Daniel Neesmith and Melanie Maki harassing me on April 28, 2013. I lived in my home for over a decade before these people moved in and started harassing me. I had never met them before.

The harassment pictured below was taking place as these two people were simultaneously conducting a Facebook cyber-bullying episode against me. And yes, I do have the transcript of that days-long cyber-bullying episode. And I might post that Facebook rant here, especially if people keep harassing me in emails. If the troll really wants me to start posting the names of more Anaconda bullies, I will. Below are the pictures of Daniel Neesmith and Melanie Maki from April 28, 2013. These were taken on my private property, in my driveway.

On April 28 at about 5:30 P.M., I headed out my door, trying to get to my little white truck parked on the street. That’s their blue truck parked there, where it sat for over a year. The coast is clear, so I figured I could at least get to my truck. I had to put that No Trespassing sign up (you see the back of it in the picture) because they wouldn’t stay off my driveway. The sign made them really, really MAD. That one sign INFURIATED them:


I figured I could at least get to my own truck to go the grocery store, but NOPE! They heard me. They weren’t going to let me get to my truck. They appeared in my driveway, as soon as they heard my door open. I later found out they were telling people on Facebook that they were so terrified of ME, they were afraid to leave their house. I am not kidding. These people use bullying as a sporting event. They enjoy bullying. It makes them feel good. Does this girl look like she is terrified of ANYTHING?

They_heard_me - Copy

She is cussing at me, telling me to get back in my house, before I get thrown in Warm Springs. She is drunk. She is more aggressive than Daniel, as you can see.


They are both drunk, and she is starting to scare me. She is cussing, calling me names and laughing. By this time I am starting to back up. I was simply trying to get out of my house to go to the store, and they wouldn’t let me get past them. I didn’t know they had posted about me on Facebook until later. I was crying and shaking by now, so I went back inside, and when I turned my back to go inside, they smashed my No Trespassing sign down. I could hear them doing it. I called the cops right after I took this next picture:


Pictures above taken April 28, 2013

Of course our local corrupt cops refused to do anything about this. They wouldn’t even look at these pictures I took. Daniel and Melanie even posted on Facebook about the cops showing up. That sign you see in the picture above was the ONLY sign I had in my yard or in my windows, at that time. There were no other signs on my property or in any of my vehicles, on April 28, 2013 when these pictures were taken. This is what they did to me when I had only ONE sign posted. The more they bullied me, the more signs I put up. 

One Week Later, Daniel Neesmith Strikes Again.

Since the cop who responded to this vandalism refused to look at my pictures, OR the video from Daniel and Melanie’s security cameras, they got away with this. This gave them a huge sense of POWER, so they decided to keep harassing me. I had no idea why these people got SO MAD that I complained about all the dog poop they were dumping into a county storm drain, but they did. They were FURIOUS. Apparently, dumping mass amounts of dog poop into storm drains in the summertime is another one of those ordinary Anaconda activities that nobody from anywhere else is allowed to question.

Anyway…. I began to realize that Daniel and Melanie were bound and determined to drive me out of my home and take control of my house for the back property taxes. They kept thinking they were going to get me thrown into Warm Springs and declared insane. They kept telling me to GO AWAY. Apparently, this type of thing happens frequently in Anaconda. Daniel and Melanie were both drinking heavily on weekends, and this is when most of their harassment occurred. Daniel had illegal security cameras pointed straight at my yard and into my house, and yes… this is documented in several different formats.

On May 4, 2013, I came home from running errands to find a big mess of used motor oil in my driveway. As you can see from the previous photos posted above, taken April 28, 2013, there is no dirty used motor oil in my driveway. You cannot see any oil spots in any of the photos of my driveway, above. But on May 4, I came home and IMMEDIATELY noticed a rather large amount of used motor oil in the street, covered with dirt, and it originated at Daniel’s garage. You can see the oil splashed on the wall, as well. There is a lot of dirt, and it’s quite a few inches deep:


This picture of the front of Daniel’s garage is out of focus. I was trying to hurry. I was scared of Daniel by then, after the vandalism from the previous week. I took the picture above at 11:58 in the morning, after I drove up and parked my Toyota across the street. Daniel was lurking around after I took this picture, so I went back into my house until later.

I came back out in the evening, to take more pictures. The reddish truck you see in the foreground is my Ford flatbed, parked across the entrance to my driveway. You can clearly see the oil. The oil stunk, too. It was a lot of oil, about 15 or 20 gallons, I estimated, by the sight of it. It really upset me. It was more vandalism, as far as I was concerned. And I knew Daniel did it because it started at HIS garage and went downhill to my place:


Pictures taken May 4, 2013

This is what Daniel did: he dumped a whole lot of used motor oil in the street, and then he dug the dirt embankment out near his garage, and just threw the dirt all over the oil. In Deer Lodge County, you need a permit to dig that amount of dirt, and it is NOT legal to dispose of used motor oil in the ground, like Daniel is doing in the following pictures.

This is NOT the correct way to deal with used motor oil, folks. When he saw me out there taking pictures, Daniel came out with what appeared to be a big industrial squeegee, and he began scraping up the oily dirt, and packing it all back into the hillside. Here he is, looking quite sheepish as he is beginning to clean up the mess:



Daniel had a drunk friend over there with him, but Melanie was gone, and there were people around in the neighborhood that evening, so I was not afraid to be out there taking pictures. Below is Daniel’s drunk friend, holding a beer, and calling me crazy. You might recognize the guy with the beer. He’s a local musician and I saw his picture in the Anaconda Leader newspaper not long ago. That’s a big oil spot on the street, isn’t it?  And that wasn’t there the previous week, as you can see from my photos above. Daniel just pushed all the oily dirt back into the embankment where the clean dirt had come from in the first place.


I wouldn’t let Daniel get near my house to clean up the rest of this mess. I didn’t want him anywhere near me. I doubted the police would do anything and of course, they didn’t. You can see my No Trespassing sign in these pictures as well. After the vandals bent it down, I had pushed it back up and put another sign at the bottom of it. In the picture below, at the top right corner, you can also see one of the surveillance cameras that Daniel and Melanie had pointed straight into my living room window:


When I called the cops to report this mess, the police dispatcher told me that KIDS had done it, and that Daniel had already called the cops, and that the issue had been taken care of already. It didn’t look to me like it had been taken care of. It looked like the oil had been illegally cleaned up to me. I don’t believe it’s legal to be that careless with that much used motor oil, and I KNOW it is not legal to pack oily dirt back into the hillside, like Daniel had done.

Why did Daniel Neesmith have this much used motor oil sitting out on his driveway where KIDS could get into it in the first place? I did not believe what the dispatchers at the police department were telling me. I didn’t believe that any of the kids in my neighborhood would do something like this. But I did believe Daniel was absolutely capable of it. And if kids had really done it, I immediately suspected Daniel had coerced them to do it. By this time, I knew what Daniel was capable of. He was hell-bent on driving me out of my home.

I asked the cops if I could come down to the station and get the police report. They said NO. I insisted on getting the police report. Instead, the cops threw me in jail. (And by the way, the criminal charges were later dismissed.) Those cops did NOT want me to see that police report. 

Gee. I wonder why? Well, here you go, Troll. I will tell you why. Much later, my lawyer finally was able to get the police report from the county attorney. When I finally saw the report, I realized that Officer Flack had LIED. The following police report has been censored to omit the children’s names and address. Please read this carefully. The following police report is NOT a true accounting of the actual events, and I do believe ALL the cops involved know it. Can you notice the obvious discrepancies in this report? After seeing the pictures I posted above, pay careful attention to what Officer Flack wrote at the bottom. Read carefully folks. I know most of you CAN read:



The dispatcher wrote that Daniel reported the kids were dumping oil and transmission fluid. By the time Officer Flack wrote his section of this police report, a day later, the oil had somehow morphed into ONLY transmission fluid, and the report falsely says that the boys had already cleaned it up. As you can see from my photos, there are no little boys in sight. Just two very childish, drunk men. Officer Flack wrote that once the fluid was cleaned up, he went to talk to the mother of the boys. And Officer Flack told the mother the same story: It was a small amount of used transmission fluid and the boys had already cleaned it up.

Not once does Officer Flack mention used motor oil in this police report. I am here to tell you folks, the mess in my street that day was USED MOTOR OIL. I know what both used motor oil and used tranny fluid look and smell like. I know the textures of both. I know the colors of both. The mess was NOT used transmission fluid and it definitely was not cleaned up. I even saved large samples of it. 

This story has a lot more to it. Eventually, the Montana Department of Environmental Quality identified the dumped fluid as used motor oil as well, but that department did absolutely nothing to get the oil cleaned out of the hillside utility easement where Daniel disposed of it. By then, both Officer Flack and County Attorney Krakowka had told HUGE LIES to a Montana DEQ investigator….. more on that later in upcoming blog posts.

I believe Daniel threatened those boys into dumping the oil. I have been threatened by Daniel several times myself. He attacked me with bear spray about a month after this oil spill incident. He trespassed and caused major vandalism to my property, as well… AFTER Officer Flack let him get away with the oil mess. 

So far, NOBODY in any position of authority has bothered to fully investigate this oil-dumping incident. And it has still not been cleaned up properly. Since kids were involved, I believe this needs to be investigated further. I think it is quite obvious that Officer Flack has a major credibility problem and this issue needs to be re-visited by law enforcement outside of Anaconda. I believe several of these local cops helped to cover up a case of child abuse here. I think this type of thing happens all the time in Anaconda. 

Hey Flack! The Mess Was Not Cleaned Up. You Lied.


Picture taken May 9, 2013

Since Neesmith just packed the oily dirt back into the hillside, instead of disposing of it properly, every time it rained or snowed, the oil would seep out of the hill.  Keep in mind, this mess happened in a Superfund Site, and there are federal laws in place prohibiting this kind of thing.  He needed a permit to even be DIGGING there and of course he had no permit. Above, you can see the oily dirt packed into the hillside, several days later, after a heavy rain. Here’s another view:


By this time, May 9, a bunch of the oily dirt had washed down the street again, because the place where he disposed of it is right underneath a rain gutter downspout. It had rained heavily several times since the original oil spill.

Then, later that summer when all the grass and weeds had grown up, I took another picture. You can see lots of stuff in this picture. You can see how much of the hillside he dug out.  I would call this TRASH, I don’t know what else you would call it. By this time, Daniel has dumped garbage and more dirt on the oily mess he packed into the hillside months earlier, trying to hide the mess. You can also see the FRONT of my sign that they HATED so much. You can see the damage they did to the metal fence post. This photo was taken in the late summer of 2013:


Above photo taken late summer, 2013. Hey, Troll, I am calling this garbage. What would YOU call it? I don’t make false claims. I take pictures.

Below is a photo of the same area, several months later, in February, 2014. The picture below was taken after a snowstorm, when it warmed up and everything was melting. You can see the used motor oil oozing out of the hill into a puddle. In all the years I have lived in my home, there was NEVER anything oozing out of this hillside until Daniel disposed of the oil there:



Photos taken February, 2014. 

Officer Flack absolutely LIED in that police report. And yes, falsifying a police report constitutes criminal activity, such as obstructing justice. And if Flack did indeed cover up CHILD ABUSE by lying in that police report, that is even worse. The police report says Flack was at the crime scene for a total of sixteen minutes. The report says the fluid on the street was cleaned up when Officer Flack left the scene at 11:53 AM on May 4, 2013. 

It obviously was NOT.  Look at my photos dated the same day, in the evening. The oil was obviously NOT cleaned up, even nine months later when it started seeping out of the hillside. And it wasn’t tranny fluid. It was USED MOTOR OIL. Officer Flack lied. He knows it wasn’t tranny fluid. And he knows it wasn’t cleaned up when he left the scene of the crime. I cannot believe I had to come home and find that stinky, oily mess.  I had to be careful not to track it into my house on my shoes. Officer Flack just let it slide, literally.

This mess is located only a couple of blocks from the police station. I must have just missed Officer Flack that day. It looks like I missed him by about five minutes. I cannot believe that a COP left a mess of dirty, used motor oil like that on the street in front of my house, and then LIED about it!!

I do not want Officer Flack in my neighborhood. I do not trust him at ALL. The fact that he is still on the job, three years later, after leaving this mess on the street and writing in the report that no further action was necessary, is appalling. I have had other issues with this cop Flack not knowing how to conduct himself professionally. The Police Chief, Tim Barkell, couldn’t care less if his cops are incompetent.  And that is a sad commentary on Anaconda life. Lazy, cowardly cops do not serve and protect citizens; they simply serve and protect themselves.

THIS is why people don’t want to move to Anaconda. And truly, Anaconda doesn’t want people moving here. I think this should be obvious by now.