County Attorney Krakowka: Dishonest Man

Ben-Krakowka-200x300 A dishonest, lying whiner.

Well folks, Anaconda-Deer Lodge County Attorney Krakowka is so full of himself, he has announced he is running for re-election. I find this disgusting, because I have personal knowledge of several crimes Krakowka has committed. In fact, it’s quite easy to identify many crimes this man has committed and gotten away with. Ben Krakowka is a liar, plain and simple. He has committed crimes and wasted massive amounts of taxpayer money during his term in office. He should NOT be re-elected.

He should be charged with crimes.

I believe Krakowka has committed several felonies and federal crimes, but for starters, let’s look back at Krakowka’s illegal, childish behavior during the Rhino Rant on November 10, 2015. Krakowka was on the Hot Rod Forums, whining about a replacement part he had ordered for his Yamaha Rhino ATV. The discussion is no longer online, but I have all the screen shots of it, and I posted a few choice quotes, the ones with the most profanity. This is our COUNTY ATTORNEY talking on an online forum during official business hours, when he should have been working:

Online Quotes From Ben Krakowka, Nov. 10, 2015

I feel like I am getting smoke blown up my ass.

You are fucking lying like last time.

I don’t fucking believe you.

I will be back on to kill the chat later.

I plan on blowing up every active thread until I get a response. I have time on my hands and I type fast.

I am the County Attorney… I don’t like being ignored…. I kept my temper since August. That is pretty good.

Wow. How professional. Ben Krakowka used his real name to post this trash. Ben Krakowka cyber-bullied folks on the Hot Rod Forums while sitting in his office at the courthouse. I am alleging he used public resources to do this and committed the crime of official misconduct.

A little bird told me that Ben Krakowka was sitting in his office at the courthouse during his Rhino Rant. One of my blog readers discovered the IP address (internet provider) Krakowka was using on the Hot Rod Forums, so it was easy to figure out that County Attorney Krakowka was at work in his office, using his government computer to harass folks online.

Ben Krakowka was also allegedly using his government PHONE to call up folks across state lines with the express purpose of harassing them, multiple times a day, during work hours. The little bird told me that the words County Attorney kept coming up on the caller ID of a phone in the office of the Hot Rod Forums down in West Virginia.

This means Ben Krakowka absolutely committed the CRIME of Official Misconduct. He embarrassed the entire State of Montana, too.

The IP address Krakowka was using on the Hot Rod Forums is, and that number is, indeed, registered to the State of Montana.

Gee… where would County Attorney Krakowka get access to the State of Montana’s internet connection? Well, right in his government office, that’s where. Krakowka ranted online with profanity and threats for several hours, using government resources to facilitate his immature, childish behavior.

And that, my friends, IS OFFICIAL MISCONDUCT.


Ben Krakowka: Pompous Buffoon? Pretty much.

County Attorney Krakowka ranted online about a trivial, personal issue of his, for literally HOURS on November 10, 2015. He ranted from 2:34 in the afternoon, Mountain Time, until 5:52 in the evening, Mountain Time. He illegally used the State of Montana’s internet connection to do this, when he was supposed to be WORKING.

After the county attorney stopped ranting on the Hot Rod Forums at 5:52 P.M., he apparently went straight from his office and went upstairs to the courtroom to attend the Anaconda-Deer Lodge County Commission Work Session at 6:00 P.M.

Perhaps he stopped at the restroom to go potty and to look at himself in the mirror, because he did have eight whole minutes after the Rhino Rant to get to the work session on time:


You can read the entire text of the November 10, 2015 work session minutes here. Make a note of some of the comments County Attorney Krakowka made at the work session. Since we all know what he was actually doing right before he attended this work session, the comments of his that were entered into the work session minutes seem rather… HYPOCRITICAL..

The Not-So-Good County Audit: 2014


The Anaconda-Deer Lodge County audit report for fiscal year 2013-2014 was released on March 25, 2015.  I believe this is the most current audit report available at this time. I was not aware of this audit until one of my blog readers sent me an email about it recently. The county government has tried to hide this from the citizens.

I am sure Connie Ternes-Daniels, the elected Chief Executive, would rather that citizens not see this audit for several reasons. I believe you can view the entire report by clicking this link, but to access this document, you might have to sign up for an account with the Department of Administration first.

The entire report is ninety pages long, but for now, let’s look at five important pages; 74-78. The notorious County Attorney Krakowka was the county’s legal advisor during this time, and unfortunately still is.

I am not an accountant or a lawyer, but at first glance, this looks like a rather BAD audit. I believe this bad audit is nothing new. The county has been in bad financial shape for years, due to corruption and incompetence.

Once again, the following screen shots are only five pages out of ninety pages in the audit report, but these five pages are quite interesting. You might have to read between the lines:











One thing I noticed about this audit:

On page 76, the report mentions some alleged cash-handling problems in five county departments that could possibly result in FRAUD. It’s funny how four out of those five departments with cash-handling issues are departments I have already mentioned in this blog, before I knew about the audit report:

  • Justice Court
  • Law Enforcement
  • Clerk of District Court
  • Anaconda Water Department

Yeah… real funny, huh? I believe each one of those county government departments is infested with MAJOR corruption. I have heard the Parks and Recreation Department is the same, but I’ve not had any personal dealings with that department myself.

It’s actually quite disgusting that three of the five departments with cash handling problems are the courts of law and the police department.

Disgusting, but not surprising at all. It’s the Anaconda Way.

Another thing I noticed in the audit:

As reflected on page 75 of the audit, it looks like County Attorney Ben Krakowka and Chief Executive Connie Ternes-Daniels started fiscal year 2014 by breaking SEVERAL local, state and federal laws. As you recall, they went over-budget, right off the bat, when they hired Susan Callaghan illegally as a bogus Deputy Special Conflicts Cases Attorney, or whatever it is they called her.

All I know is this: Susan Callaghan didn’t have a legal contract with the county, after June 30, 2013. Callaghan was illegally hired, and she was paid over $18,000 in taxpayer money that was NOT in the budget, as I recall. Here is a quote from my blog post about this issue, dated July 30, 2015:

I believe Krakowka incriminated himself, in writing, by stating to the Office of Disciplinary Counsel that he had permission to re-hire this deputy prosecutor after her contract expired. I don’t believe Krakowka had legal grounds to pay this prosecutor any taxpayer money after June 30, 2013. I don’t believe this state ‘prosecutor’ had any legal jurisdiction to be acting on behalf of the state of Montana after June 30, 2013. I believe Krakowka broke the law and then lied about it. Unfortunately, I believe Krakowka’s crimes have been covered up because of his family connection to the Lieutenant Governor.

Is this the same Susan Callaghan?

There is a lawyer named Susan Callaghan working in Helena, for the State Department of Public Health and Human Services. If this is the same Susan Callaghan who was working as the illegally-hired super-duper know-it-all special prosecutor here in Anaconda, then we can assume that Callaghan’s extreme brand of corruption has infested the DPHHS as well.

In my view, former Deputy Deer Lodge County Attorney Susan Callaghan is one of THE most unethical, sadistic lawyers in the entire state of Montana, and she definitely should NOT be working on children’s cases. If she is indeed a legal representative for any state agency, I am guessing everything she does will need to be audited and reviewed.

The Susan Callaghan I know has no scruples OR compassion. I believe she routinely commits the crime of felony tampering with public information. She started out her career working for the mighty Montana Power Company; rest assured Susan Callaghan learned some sneaky lawyer tricks along the way. Her boss Richard Opper doesn’t exactly have a stellar reputation, either.

Montana kids, as well as Montana taxpayers, are feeling the