Doug Clark: Lies, Blight, and Violent Crime

August 28, 2015

Doug Clark is the Anaconda-Deer Lodge County Planning Director. This guy cannot be trusted to tell the truth. He stood in front of my house and lied to my face. He blatantly lied in emails to me, as well. Doug Clark’s dishonesty and negligence have caused an uptick in crime in my neighborhood. His lack of ethics and blatant disregard for the law spawned an ongoing, violent neighbor feud reminiscent of the Hatfields and McCoys, complete with guns, knives, hillbillies and death threats, right down the street from the Anaconda-Deer Lodge County courthouse.

I have been listening to Doug Clark’s baloney for over two years now. Doug Clark is a lying hypocrite. I have no qualms whatsoever about saying that online, because it’s absolutely true and his ridiculous emails confirm it.  Doug Clark ignores the law when it suits him to do so. His entire staff is immersed in bullying and devious behavior, and I believe several people employed by the county, including Doug Clark himself, have committed the state crime of tampering with public information, which is a felony.

It is becoming quite obvious that Doug Clark has obstructed justice and contributed to an epidemic of assaults, vandalism and BLIGHT, right down the street from his office. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he is supplementing his income by taking bribes. There is no other way to explain his favoritism, or to explain all the obvious zoning violations around town that he so blatantly ignores. The man apparently has no ethics, and no sense of aesthetics either.

Doug Clark is a public figure, whether he likes it or not. It is legal to scrutinize him online. He willingly came up here from California a few years ago, and took the county planner job. I believe this guy has caused a major liability for the county by refusing to acknowledge the construction permit laws of the county and state, and then lying about it. An injunction will not keep me from speaking my mind about this issue. I am well within my rights to complain about Doug Clark using this blog as a forum.

Click this link to read more about Doug Clark.

Doug Clark apparently thinks County Attorney Ben Krakowka will cover for him every time he refuses to follow the law. He is almost as arrogant as Ben Krakowka, and every bit as dishonest. Doug Clark seems to think it’s legal to just fabricate laws on your own whims.

As far as I can tell, if you want to do a major construction project in Anaconda-Deer Lodge County, you need to get proper construction permits only if you do NOT have personal friends or family members working at the planning office. If citizens have “connections” at the planning office…. if your cousin’s girlfriend works at the planning office, for instance, there is no need to get a permit for ANYTHING you do!

If your cousin’s girlfriend works at the planning office, you can dig up utility easements with heavy equipment before getting clearance from the utility locator guys, and then you can damage public utility lines and not get in trouble! Even if you have committed a felony assault, and you got out of jail on a $50,000 bond, and you violate your bail conditions by digging illegally in a utility easement, you can STILL get away with it, especially if your cousin’s girlfriend works for the planning office. That’s just the way they do things here in Anaconda. I call it the Anaconda Double Standard. You could probably get away with murder if you have the right “connections” here in Anaconda. That’s the way it appears to me, and I know I am not alone.

So, if your cousin’s girlfriend works for the planning office, you can violate laws and building codes, you can block public alleys and streets with junk vehicles, and you can make shoddy, unfinished construction messes that result in hideous hillside erosion. If your cousin’s girlfriend works for the planning office, you can get away with all this illegal activity in a neighborhood that sits simultaneously inside a National Historic District and a Superfund site.

Doug Clark apparently doesn’t realize, or doesn’t care, that there are federal laws in place to protect National Historic Districts as well as Superfund sites. The illegal blighted mess that Doug Clark’s office “approved” is located in a Superfund site, and is directly adjacent, on the east and west sides, to two properties that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places, in the Goosetown Historic District.

One of these properties is the designated southwest anchor property of the District. I believe Doug Clark has made a fool of himself by “approving” an ugly, illegal zoning mess right between these two historic properties. The planning department couldn’t care less about the Goosetown Historic District, obviously. That’s pretty sad. I bet most people in Anaconda don’t realize the Goosetown Historic District even exists.

The planning office is located at the courthouse, less than three blocks away from this “county-approved” ILLEGAL zoning mess on the same street. It’s truly a mess, but if your cousin’s girlfriend works for the Anaconda-Deer Lodge County planning office, it’s perfectly okay to illicitly tamper with public water and sewage systems, and it’s perfectly okay to cause hillside erosion, fire hazards, and BLIGHT. And even if you violated local, state and federal laws, you have total impunity!

The law doesn’t apply to certain people in Anaconda, it just depends on who your friends and family are, and Doug Clark’s deceitful emails confirmed it. I believe those emails will incriminate Doug Clark in the end. The emails are public record and I do plan on publishing them here. I believe County Attorney Ben Krakowka tried to delete those emails from the government servers, but we all know that’s not a good idea because in Montana, I think that’s called “felony tampering”.

If a citizen went down to the courthouse and asked for those emails as part of a public records request, Ben Krakowka would breathe fire on the citizen like a mythical dragon, and he would have the citizen escorted away from the courthouse property with a police officer. Then Ben Krakowka would send the cops to the citizen’s house with a letter telling the citizen to GO AWAY OR GET JAILED. Hey… it’s the Anaconda Way!

Doug Clark doesn’t really CARE about the blight or the crimes he caused. He’s just another pompous government official whose main activities seem to be lying to citizens, wasting taxpayer money, and most likely lining his pockets with bribes. Look around town at the blight the county ignores, and in many cases, actually causes with its negligence. There’s blight all over! The brand-new county-approved blight looks just like the old fashioned county-approved blight from yesteryear. Same old, same old.

This town has been a DUMP for decades, and the county government just lets it happen! The county refuses to uniformly enforce its own zoning ordinances and state building codes, but don’t you dare complain! These local bullies get vicious and will try to run you out of town just for speaking up about it. Anaconda is notorious for its bullies; it’s always had a bad reputation in other Montana communities.

Ask around in other Montana towns… ask folks what they think of Anaconda, and usually people will roll their eyes or start laughing, or they’ll tell you how corrupt and backward Anaconda is, or how mean and nasty the police officers are. That’s really nothing to be proud of.

To see another failure of the county government, go over to Third Street and take a look at “The Blown-Up House”. That house exploded MONTHS ago, and there it sits in a pile of sticks… looks like the Big Bad Wolf blew it down with one huff and one puff. It needs to be CLEANED UP!! That’s a real nice thing to show tourists, now isn’t it? What is the point of paying a consultant over $30,000 of taxpayer money to come up with a downtown “Master Plan”, when you have piles of crap like this just down the street from downtown??


Local folks in this little town have become immune to things like blown-up houses and violent neighbor feuds, but tourists might be turned off by the ever-increasing crime and blight. Doug Clark obviously can’t see the writing on the wall.