The Day Of Protest.

January 21, 2017

Poopsie’s Hero:


“If I had my life to live over, I would do it all again, but this time I would be nastier.” 

~ Jeannette Rankin (First Female U.S. Congress Member, and native Missoulian.)

Poopsie has been on hiatus from blogging. Local and national events have prompted Poopsie to write a special blog post for today. So much has happened since the election! Locally, we have had another domestic violence murder, and in another case, an (alleged) child abuser has committed suicide in the Anaconda jail. The local cops are still corrupt, the county attorney has gone totally loco at this point, and the judges routinely trample on the United States Constitution. On this day of global protests, Poopsie needs to say her piece about these hometown, sexist Anaconda good ole boys. So, to the worst offender of all:

Hey, Police Officer Jack Roche!


Yes YOU, Officer Roche. The Worst One!

You should be ashamed of yourself, Officer Roche.  You are NOT Anaconda’s finest, and you do NOT “serve and protect” the citizens. You are not wearing your brand-new state-of-the-art body camera in this photo, Officer Roche. WHY is that? Why are you the only Anaconda cop who refuses to wear your new body camera? Is it because you have seniority? Or perhaps you are trying to HIDE your illegal behavior?

In this photo you are being a jerk to a citizen who is filming you with his cell phone. You are refusing to identify yourself to the citizen after you illegally arrested a woman, dragged her off her own property into the street, bruised her arm, stuffed her into a cop car and hauled her to jail, violating her constitutional rights.

In this photo, you are pictured in front of an illegal, unsafe fire-trap flophouse where you have just ILLEGALLY harbored a registered violent offender who was wanted on an arrest warrant. You refused to arrest a fugitive criminal who was illegally inhabiting an unsafe flophouse. There are two VERY ILLEGAL over-sized propane tanks in the basement of this flophouse which could have blown up the whole neighborhood.

At this flophouse, you harbored a convicted felon who had recently been released from prison, who subsequently was arrested for partner/family member assault… TWICE… and who had failed to register his whereabouts with the state, which is a felony as well. You harbored this fugitive violent offender and ILLEGALLY arrested Poopsie instead, for NO legitimate reason. Your own reason was hatred. You ignored an arrest warrant and an emergency 9-1-1 call from a concerned passing motorist, as well, in your quest to smack Poopsie down.

When this photo was taken, Officer Roche, I believe you had already committed several felonies YOURSELF…. but since you are a bad-ass Anaconda cop, you routinely get away with your crimes. I just wanted to let you know that you SUCK, Officer Roche, and so does your boss, Police Chief Tim Barkell. Both you and your boss need to be removed from your jobs and charged with the crimes you have committed. You routinely abuse your power as a cop and get away with it. Your lame-ass boss has been letting you terrorize Anaconda for years, with NO repercussions. Cops like you and your boss are the main reason that

Anaconda Is NUMBER ONE In Domestic Violence.

Anaconda, Montana has the highest rate of domestic violence in the state, and one of the highest rates, per capita, in the nation. The county attorney and the judges, in addition to the police, can be blamed as well. The statistics can be misleading, too. Many domestic violence crimes go unreported because victims are too afraid to call the police. With corrupt, abusive, victim-blaming police officers such as Jack Roche on patrol, this is not surprising. We also have a massive METH problem in Anaconda. Drugs and violence go hand in hand, but officers like Jack Roche just look the other way, as the crimes escalate.

Don’t Forget The Audit Report!

November 12, 2016

The County Audit Report Needs To Be Addressed.

Yep, the newly elected Chief Executive will have his work cut out for him. As mentioned in previous blog posts, the latest county audit report contradicts Connie Ternes-Daniels’ statements about how the county is in “great financial shape”. There are several rather alarming issues on this audit report that need to be addressed. I have posted the “significant deficiencies” again, below. This is the most current audit report available.




Looks Like A Violation of State Law:

On Page 113, posted below, you can see there were expenditures in excess of appropriations in budgeted funds. That means the county budget was in violation of state law. And there was a deficit of over a million dollars this year, so nothing has changed. The county violated the law AGAIN, yet this audit report has not changed from the previous year’s audit report. Ternes-Daniels did nothing to rectify these significant deficiencies.


Page 114 shows some of the most alarming “significant deficiencies”. I think this audit report actually sugar-coated the extent of the problems in these five county departments noted below. These five departments… Justice Court, Law Enforcement, Parks and Recreation, Clerk of District Court, and the Water Department all have the word “FRAUD” associated with them on this audit report. 

These five county offices are not handling their cash receipts properly. This means that if someone paid cash to any of these departments, they might not have received a proper receipt. If these departments are not issuing cash receipts, this would allow county employees to easily embezzle money from these departments. It’s pretty bad that three of these departments associated with possible FRAUD include both courts of law, and the police department. If this doesn’t constitute CORRUPTION, then what is it?



This Is Alarming.

This seems to be a no-brainer to me, but the county has not compared its actual inventory of fixed assets to any of the records that detail what the fixed assets are. If the county cannot account for all its fixed assets by doing a proper inventory, then how can we be sure that county employees aren’t misusing or even stealing fixed assets, such as equipment and vehicles? We cannot.


The next deficiency is pretty ridiculous, too. The county is trying to pass the Institutional Controls Agreement with ARCO off on the citizens, yet the county is non-compliant with its mandatory reporting to the EPA. All of these issues will need to be addressed and rectified by the incoming administration.



Signs, Signs…. Everywhere… SIGNS.

October 26, 2016 // It Must Be A Sign….

Disclaimer: Poopsie is not a Republican. Poopsie is not a Democrat. Poopsie is just plain disgusted with politics. That said:

Where Was Editor Kathie Miller For THIS?

So, I noticed that Anaconda Leader Editor Kathie Miller is at it again. Kathie Miller is one of the most biased and incompetent newspaper editors in the entire state of Montana. Kathie Miller is related by marriage to the law-breaking incumbent candidate for CEO, Connie Ternes-Daniels. It is becoming quite obvious that Kathie Miller is corrupt herself, and refuses to ask any hard questions about the crimes that her family member Connie Ternes-Daniels has (allegedly) committed. Miller absolutely refuses to write about the corruption her family member has foisted upon the citizens.

The front page of tonight’s newspaper is simply another attempt by Kathie Miller to smear the opposition candidate and to influence the election. Tonight’s over-blown front page smear story about an alleged campaign advertising violation by Connie’s opponent did not warrant front page attention. Kathie Miller refuses to write about the serious issues facing our town, such as Connie Ternes-Daniels violating local, state and federal laws, repeatedly, year after year. I am surprised that Miller actually publishes any letters to the editor at all. She refuses to publish Poopsie’s letters; Miller told me to quit contacting her.

Gov. Bullock Can Do It, But Nobody Else Can!

Recent letters to The Leader written by disgruntled citizens tell the true story about CEO Connie Ternes-Daniels’ obfuscation and lies, while Editor Miller herself is simply a cheerleader for the corruption. Where was Kathie Miller when Governor Steve Bullock was in town, committing (alleged) campaign advertising violations himself? I believe Jon Motl, the Commissioner of Political Practices, was in Anaconda during this Bullock campaign fiasco too, in advance of the sentencing of Mr. Art Wittich on June 17 of this year. I noticed Kathie Miller made a point to contact Jon Motl for her smear story in tonight’s paper.

It is ILLEGAL to place campaign signs in the middle of the highway, and most candidates know this, so why did the Bullock campaign think it was okay to do it? (See photos below.) None of the signs pictured here indicate who paid for them, and placed them, but I was told that Bullock campaign staffers were responsible for placing these ILLEGAL campaign signs in the middle of Montana Highway 1, and on the side of Montana Highway 1. Shame on the Bullock campaign, and shame on corrupt Kathie Miller for failing to notice this blatant campaign advertising violation! Here’s the first photo:

unnamed (1)

These photos were taken June 15 and 16, right here in Anaconda, right before Republican Art Wittich’s sentencing on June 17 for accepting illegal campaign contributions. The sentencing was to take place at the Deer Lodge County courthouse with Anaconda native son Judge Ray Dayton presiding. Perhaps Commissioner of Political Practices Jon Motl, who is quite biased against Republicans and against Art Wittich in particular, saw these signs when he was here in town. I emailed these photos to Jon Motl personally, to illustrate the hypocrisy of his boss, the governor. This is a glaring example of the Anaconda double standard.

Would Governor Bullock try something like this in his OWN town? I doubt it.

But in Anaconda, this is normal. (Photos taken June 15-16, 2016)


Look how close this sign is to the intersection. Totally illegal. Right in the median, too. 


The middle of Montana Highway 1 is an ILLEGAL place for Governor Bullock’s sign! This sign is only four blocks away from County Attorney Krakowka’s house, right up the highway. Krakowka lives on Highway 1. You can almost see Ben Krakowka’s house from this view. I bet County Attorney Krakowka drove by this sign a few times when it was sitting illegally in the middle of Montana Highway 1, and of course he did nothing about it. Ben Krakowka is notorious for “looking the other way” when crimes are being committed.


This sign is ILLEGAL, in more ways than one. Shame on Governor Bullock! The sign doesn’t say who paid for it, or who illegally placed it there. Who dunnit? Did Bullock’s campaign PAY for this sign, or was it donated? It might be an illegal campaign contribution, too.


Notice the corner of Heather Edwards’ house on the far right, in the photo directly above. Heather Edwards is a long-time county employee, a former Clerk of the Commission and an elected government review member. Presently, Ms. Edwards is Connie Ternes-Daniels’ administrative assistant. Go figure. This illegal campaign sign sat there for two days, right across the street from Heather Edwards’ house.

Ms. Edwards is notorious for “looking the other way” when crimes are being committed.


Did the Commissioner of Political Practices attend this rally at Smitty’s Barn?? Did Connie Ternes-Daniels? Did Kathie Miller attend? Did County Attorney Krakowka go?


Here’s another illegal campaign sign, miles away from the first one, on the Highway 1 right-of-way, on state property. Political signs like this are only allowed on private property, by law. It’s also illegal to use political signs to direct traffic. Yep.

(All sign photos taken June 15-16, 2016.)

Poopsie Has Issues With SIGNS!!

Oh you bet! I sure have taken some heat for my own LEGAL signs. The campaign violation pictured in the photos above is not about some isolated wing-nut placing a campaign sign illegally on the highway. I believe whoever did this was contacted personally by Governor Bullock’s campaign staff. It was a coordinated effort, designed to happen when people were in town for Art Wittich’s sentencing. I did call the local cops about this, and I called the Highway Patrol in Butte to report these illegal signs. The signs were finally removed by law enforcement before the political rally happened. Then I ended up in jail again, charged with a bogus crime, a few days later.

Was it a coincidence that I ended up in jail again after reporting this OBVIOUS campaign advertising violation by the Bullock campaign? Who knows?? Maybe it was because I posted the protest signs shown below in my truck, on the very the day I went to jail, June 21, 2016. These signs may be offensive to the corrupt Anaconda cops, but at least they speak the truth… and they ARE legal… as long as I remove them before driving. That pink sign says “MOST, But Not All… Of The COPS SUCK.” And that would be Anaconda cops IN PARTICULAR. Cops in this neck of the woods are notorious. They give all cops, including the good ones…. a bad name, and that is very sad.



Online Anaconda Leader. Anaconda Leader ONLINE. Anaconda Leader Newspaper website. Anaconda Leader. Anaconda Leader online newspaper. Anaconda 

A-Hunting He Will Go!

Hunting Season Update // October 22, 2016

Ben Krakowka: Hunting For Revenge


Ben Krakowka, Deer Lodge County Attorney, with dead elk.

On Halloween of 2014, County Attorney Ben Krakowka received my lengthy complaint about the crimes he had (allegedly) committed in Deer Lodge County. The complaint was sent to Krakowka for his response, by the Montana Office of Disciplinary Counsel, which is the (allegedly) corrupt Helena organization that is (allegedly) supposed to regulate lawyers in the state, but (allegedly) doesn’t. Montana has a bad track record when it comes to lawyers. Our legal system is ranked near the bottom, nationally. Lawyers in the state of Montana are not well-regulated at all. I found this out the hard way.

The Good Old Boys Club is alive and well among the lawyer community in this state, and Deer Lodge County Attorney Ben Krakowka is a good example. This man has no interest in justice; he has no interest in making Anaconda a better place to live. He scoffs at the law, and he scoffs at the citizens. His ego is massive and dangerous. He appears to have no compassion or empathy for other people. Krakowka is definitely on a colossal power trip. He uses his position as county attorney to carry out vendettas and to harass people who complain about his (alleged) criminal behavior.

Krakowka is also sexist and biased and not very well educated. As a result, violent crime has escalated in Deer Lodge County under his watch. Deer Lodge County has the highest rate of domestic violence in Montana, and one of the highest nationally. We have a very high rate of poverty; consistently over 20%. We have one of the highest suicide rates in the nation as well. For many people this is NOT a nice place to live. So, I complained about the county attorney and his deputies to the Office of Disciplinary Counsel about several issues, including an alleged child abuse, and the violent behavior of my neighbors, AND about the illegally-hired prosecutor, Susan Callaghan.

If You Complain, You Must Be Crazy!

On November 3 of 2014, County Attorney Krakowka wrote his response to my formal complaint about him. Krakowka arrived in my neighborhood on that day to take pictures of my truck, which he used as evidence in his written response to my complaint, to “prove” to the Office of Disciplinary Counsel how crazy I am. I had protest signs in the windows of my truck. Krakowka’s thinking is so warped and irrational, he thinks that having political protest signs in truck windows is a sign of psychosis and criminal activity.

He actually did this! He used the photos of my protest signs as “evidence” of my so-called criminal and psychotic behavior. County Attorney Krakowka has been very vocal about calling me “crazy” in public, for years now. Don’t take Poopsie seriously. She’s CRAZY!!

Like a fox, I am crazy. Keep in mind, these protest signs are perfectly legal and protected under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. Krakowka doesn’t think so. Krakowka has apparently never heard of the United States Constitution. He HATES any form of protest, and actively tries to suppress the citizens from expressing their opinions. Here are the photos he used as “evidence” of my insanity:


(photo taken by Deer Lodge County Attorney Ben Krakowka, November 3, 2014)

The signs in the photo above say:

(left) You Can’t Beat A Montana Woman!

(right) Fire The Liars! Who? Your Local Politicians!

Below are Krakowka’s other “evidence” photos. He will NOT TOLERATE protest signs!!


(photos taken by County Attorney Krakowka, November 3, 2014)


These evidence photos were taken by County Attorney Ben Krakowka on November 3, 2014. On the same day, November 3, somebody left a present for me on my truck. Below are the photos I took myself, of the same truck, on November 3, 2014, right after County Attorney Krakowka had been lurking around my neighborhood and standing in this exact same spot, taking photos of my signs:


It’s a bloody, severed deer leg, right where Krakowka had just been standing! I didn’t know until weeks later that he had been standing in the exact same spot on the very same morning. If I had known on November 3 that Kreepy Krakowka had just taken pictures of all my signs, I would have taken more photos of the truck; showing all the signs AND the deer leg. But I was in a hurry to call the cops and get the deer leg out of there, so I only took these two photos.

In the end, I removed the deer leg myself and the Chief of Police threw it on the back seat of his cop car, without covering it up. I wonder how many prisoners had to sit on the raw deer leg on the way to jail that day? The Chief probably took the deer leg home and fed it to his dog. Hey! It’s the Anaconda Way. I bet The Chief didn’t even spray Lysol on the cop car seat.


Welcome To Deer Leg County!

Kids walked by this deer leg on their way to school that morning. County Attorney Krakowka (allegedly) did this in retaliation for my complaint about him. Notice how HIS photos of my truck carefully exclude the deer leg. He obviously walked all around the truck, but was very careful to exclude this view from his photos. The Chief of Police thought this was funny. Krakowka thought it was funny.  This deer leg constitutes harassment and the felony crime of malicious intimidation. But nobody bothered to investigate, and the crimes in my neighborhood continued. This is how we live in Deer Lodge County.

I have endured assaults, vandalism, death threats, cyber-bullying and numerous other crimes. Several neighborhood children have been the victim of crimes as well. Several neighborhood children have witnessed violent crimes. Ben Krakowka has done NOTHING to stop the crimes in my neighborhood, instead he has condoned the crimes, and allegedly committed crimes himself, because of his hatred for me and his vendetta against my complaints. I absolutely believe it was County Attorney Ben Krakowka who left the bloody deer leg on my truck in retaliation for my protest signs and complaints. This man is out of control and needs to be stopped. He needs to be in prison.

The Anaconda Emperor’s New Clothes

Tuesday: October 18, 2016 // 12:39 PM

Poopsie The Fashion Cop Speaks. 

Many of my readers already know that the writer of this blog is actually a fashion merchandiser in real life. Poopsie was a fashion merchandising student way back in college and continues in that trade to this very day. However, Poopsie has been neglecting her real career to write this blog, and she cannot continue blogging forever.

Writing about local government corruption is simply a sideline for Poopsie, and a way to vent her frustrations with the real world of corruption in Anaconda, Montana. So, as this 2016 election season winds down, so will this blog. Poopsie hopes that the negativity expressed on this blog, and the negativity and criminal behavior of the current local corrupt political regime, will soon begin to fade slowly into oblivion. Hopefully the outcome of the election will be a positive one, and Connie Ternes-Daniels will be voted out of office. But for now, Poopsie has a few more things to say, and this time she will discuss, once again, our atrocious County Attorney, Ben Krakowka.

County Attorney Krakowka has been badly abusing his power as a state prosecutor and as the legal adviser to CEO Connie Ternes-Daniels and the County Commission. It is well known that the county attorney is the most powerful position in the county government; even more powerful than the Chief Executive Officer herself. The county attorney apparently answers to NOBODY, at least the Mighty Deer Lodge County Attorney doesn’t.

(See this previous blog post.)

The county attorney is the guy who tells Connie and the Commission what is legal and what is not, and he apparently has been given free rein, or in this case… free reign… by the Montana Attorney General’s office to make up his own laws, as well. Krakowka has completely bypassed the local code, the Montana Code, and even the United States Constitution! His word, and his word alone, is the official new “Law of Deer Lodge County”. 

Anaconda: Once Upon A Time.

We all know the fairy tale of the Emperor’s New Clothes. This ancient fairy tale resonates well with our own story, right here in Deer Lodge County. Read on:

Once upon a time, swindlers came to Anaconda.

Swindlers came to our fair little town, looking for illegal contracts worth millions of dollars in gold. The swindlers drove their trucks to the courthouse, and so they found the fabled golden illegal contracts dancing about happily on Connie Ternes-Daniels’ desk, just waiting to be illegally signed. Then, the Mighty County Attorney, Emperor King Krakowka, reviewed the happy golden contracts and told his loyal subjects that all was well, and the contracts were totally golden. Krakowka’s word was gold, and everyone was happy.

The swindlers, emboldened by their good fortune, then decided that King Krakowka himself needed some new clothes, because Krakowka had gained some weight and his lawyer suits were ill-fitting and unbecoming of his kingly position. After signing the golden contracts with the swindlers, in secret, CEO Connie Daniels then signed the Secret Executive Order to Authorize King Krakowka’s New Clothes, and the golden sartorial fabrication began.

The county suit-makers sewed and sewed and sewed. They stitched and stitched and stitched. They fabricated and fabricated and fabricated. Then, after much ado about nothing, the new clothes were placed upon King Krakowka’s kingly self, and he modeled his regal new outfit at the commission meeting, in front of all the citizens. The County Commission was quite impressed with King Krakowka’s new clothes! But the citizens were not. For, when it came time to vote on King Krakowka’s new clothes, there was only one problem:

ben_with_no_clothes_yuck_grossEmperor King Krakowka HAD NO CLOTHES!

But, who would be brave enough to tell him???


An Awkward Evening At The Meeting.

October 4, 2016  /  11:29 PM

How Nasty Is Connie Ternes-Daniels Anyway?

Tonight, Poopsie decided to go to a County Commission meeting at the infamous Deer Lodge County Courthouse. She did not want to go, but she forced herself. Poopsie has not been to a commission meeting since February of 2013, when she was gathering information about Susan Callaghan. CEO Connie Ternes-Daniels and County Attorney Krakowka have tried to prevent Poopsie from attending commission meetings by slapping her with court orders, but that’s unconstitutional, obviously.

Poopsie was a little bit late in getting to the meeting, but upon arrival she immediately noticed the somber mood in the audience. She should have gotten there earlier, to get a better seat. The large courtroom was packed with upset-looking citizens. It looked like Connie Ternes-Daniels was extremely angry that her scheming, lying political agenda was starting to unravel at the seams. You could feel the seethe. Connie stood her ground. 

Only one brave little woman citizen, whom I shall call “Flora” to disguise her identity, dared to ask any questions of the elected officials. The tension was thick in the air. Connie Ternes-Daniels was practically hissing at Flora; it was uncomfortable to see how much Connie hates being held accountable to the citizens.

The commissioners had, literally just minutes before, willfully and on purpose, broken the law AGAIN by “approving” over $88,000 in illegal claims for Water & Environmental Technologies. They did this as the CEO and county attorney and all the citizens in the audience watched. The ADLC Commission unanimously broke the law, on purpose, one week after saying they would be so careful not to make any mistakes like that again… and they did it in front of a packed house. Surrealistic, much? Like… they thought we wouldn’t NOTICE???

Oh yes. I would say Flora’s questions were indeed legitimate. There was no legal contract in place with WET when the commissioners approved the claims. The commissioners hadn’t taken a vote on the contract yet, so the claims were not legal. There STILL is no legal contract with WET, to this very day! (“Due process of law” is a foreign concept to this local government.)

Poor Flora’s concerns were NOT addressed and nobody else dared to say a word, except the hissing CEO herself, who refused to answer any questions about the illegal contract she had signed without proper approval. Connie simply rolled her eyes and said she would try to get more information, but not now, and not anytime soon. (Poopsie is slightly paraphrasing Connie’s comments.) None of the commissioners would answer Flora’s questions about the BOGUS contract with Water & Environmental Technologies that CEO Connie Daniels illegally signed in 2014. None of the commissioners wanted to talk about the illegally-approved claims. 

The Elephant In The Courtroom.

The commissioners all refused to answer Flora’s questions. The commissioners sat there, staring blindly at each other, then they stared blindly at the table, but they couldn’t look up and face the citizens or Flora, who had asked the questions. The commissioners all deferred to their sneaky leader, Connie Daniels, to answer the questions about the illegal contract that all the commissioners were involved with. Even when confronted with the possibility of legal complaints, Connie Ternes-Daniels, a duly elected official, refused to answer Flora’s pointed questions.

Then the commission took a vote, while Connie threw daggers in Poopsie’s direction, and the commission voted unanimously to approve the illegal contract with WET. Up went the commissioners’ five hands, in unison, and lo and behold, right before our very eyes, the commissioners broke the law again… ON PURPOSE, by “retroactively approving” the illegal contract, after refusing to answer Flora’s valid questions about it.

Does this behavior by our elected officials sound familiar?  It’s almost like…. robotic corruption.  It’s like this type of behavior is programmed into these corrupt people the minute they take their oath of office. For this behavior, Connie and the commissioners should all be charged with the crime of official misconduct, and removed from office. That would be the ethical thing to do, but the county attorney is just as guilty, so that probably won’t happen.

Have I not been harping about this very behavior for over a year now, on this blog? This type of obfuscation is simply Connie Ternes-Daniels doing business as usual. And Connie’s legal adviser, County Attorney Krakowka, approves of it all. He does the so-called legal analysis, and Connie does the dirty deeds.

Connie And Friends. Do We Really Know Them?

As Poopsie sees it, Connie Ternes-Daniels has all sorts of shady “friends”, and these folks are the ones who get most of the illegal contracts and favors from the county. Legal government contracts are such a pain for Connie, because those pesky, annoying and overly curious citizens actually have a right to LOOK at government contracts and ask questions, and that really puts a damper on things when you’re trying to embezzle money, as Connie seems to enjoy doing.

The photo below was sent to me by a secret source. There is no doubt this is Connie Ternes-Daniels, and it looks like she is doing “cash business” with this character here, who reportedly blew in from Chicago to take a “job” in Anaconda, or to hide out, like the illegal renters next door to Poopsie did.

Does anyone recognize this guy?  I heard his name is Big Al, not to be confused with Connie’s other buddy, “Big Pete” Lorello. Big Al just might be a violent offender, who is non-compliant in reporting his address to the state, so make sure to be on the lookout for this guy. He looks like a felony waiting to happen, and that’s how Connie likes her cronies. This guy looks like he’s Connie’s right-hand man.  He looks like a gangster to me and Connie is rubbing shoulders with him:


                       “Big Al” ……………………………………….Connie Ternes-Daniels, CEO

Anaconda Public Service Announcement

USDA Poverty StrikeForce Comes To Anaconda.

Anaconda-Deer Lodge County has been named a StrikeForce County by United States Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack. I believe the announcement was made in January of this year, but I was not aware of it until today. Thirteen counties in Montana are on the list, including Deer Lodge County.

What Is A StrikeForce County?

StrikeForce Counties are places that the United States Department of Agriculture has identified as the most poverty-stricken counties in America. A county must have persistent poverty, over 20% to be specific, to be deemed a StrikeForce County, and Deer Lodge County is on the list, folks.

In the last blog post here, I was discussing Anaconda-Deer Lodge County CEO Connie Ternes-Daniels, and how she thinks Deer Lodge County is “in great financial shape”. In rebuttal to her statements, I was saying Connie has some sort of political mental illness. I was saying that Connie is delusional and is a compulsive liar.

Deer Lodge County Is Poverty-Stricken.

Since Deer Lodge County has persistent 20% poverty or higher, and the Feds are getting involved because of it, I do believe we have a problem. Contrary to what Connie Ternes-Daniels says, WE HAVE A VERY BIG PROBLEM. The local government is incapable of dealing with poverty, so we apparently need to get bailed out by the U.S. government again. We are sorely lacking in good-paying jobs and economic development here. Connie Ternes-Daniels needs to get a clue. But the citizens know what to do. The citizens need to send Connie packing.

A Red Flag:

Hand waving a red flag

Out of fifty-six counties in the Treasure State of Montana, thirteen of them are poverty-stricken enough to raise red flags with the U.S. government. Here they are:

Montana StrikeForce Counties

Big Horn County

Blaine County

Chouteau County

Deer Lodge County

Glacier County

Golden Valley County

Hill County

Lake County

Liberty County

Prairie County

Roosevelt County

Rosebud County

Sanders County

Who Will Do The Talking This Time?

Remember this, folks: Money talks. And bullshit walks. Your local corrupt government has been bullshitting you BIG TIME. Since we are a StrikeForce County now, the Feds are coming to town to talk about it. I wonder if Connie will attend this important meeting? I doubt it. Poverty doesn’t fit into her agenda or her budget.

We need to make sure the USDA doesn’t bullshit us, too. It would be nice if Anaconda could wean itself from its massive dependence on government handouts, and deal with poverty and other issues on its own. Nothing will ever change if this rampant government corruption continues to flourish unchecked. Inviting the Feds to town to hand out more money… is a recipe for disaster if we don’t keep an eye on things.



Here’s A Map Of StrikeForce Montana:

Red represents tribal lands. Green is National Forest. Blue is counties.




Creative Budget Construction, by Connie

The Ca$h Backfill. 

As mentioned previously, Connie Ternes-Daniels needs to explain some of her comments about the proposed county budget for the fiscal year 2016-17. She has failed with her budgets in the past, so why should the citizens have any reason to believe her political spin at this point? This budget baloney is never-ending, it seems.

In the August 24 edition of the Anaconda Leader newspaper, Connie uses rather curious rhetoric to explain the budget deficit that she is carrying over from this year to next year. In that article, she doesn’t exactly mention the deficit, which is rumored to be over a million dollars.

I don’t believe Connie knows how to adhere to a budget, and I don’t believe the county is in great financial shape, either. And it really is impossible to ascertain exactly what is going on with the county finances, because Connie and her cronies try to hide everything they do. In that August 24 newspaper article, Connie says the county is in great shape indeed, and she plans on “backfilling” the general fund with TIFID money. “TIFID” is an acronym for Tax Increment Financing Industrial District.

Below is a photo of Connie Ternes-Daniels standing in front of her so-called gold mine. That industrial site in the background, which is actually a gas-fired electric plant owned by Northwestern Energy, is where the TIFID money backfill is supposedly coming from.

Waiting_For_The-Backfill_$$$ - Copy

(Above: Connie Ternes-Daniels, Notorious Budget Engineer.)

In the photo above, Connie is waiting for the backhoe to arrive so they can start backfilling the cash into the general fund. We are still not sure how much cash needs to be backfilled. For this job, you just kind of eyeball it. Connie is standing around with her hands in her pockets when there is work to be done. Why isn’t she rolling up her sleeves to get this job done? Well, it’s because when you’re a privileged Deer Lodge County politician like Connie, standing around on construction sites when you’re supposed to be working… is The Anaconda Way. This is how it’s done, folks.

The Backfilling Begins:

Ca$h-BackFiLL - Copy (2)

Looks like the backfilling of the cash has begun. Notice how the county backhoe operator is already taking a break, and is nowhere to be found!  He had to go to McDonald’s and is taking a long lunch break, leaving Connie in charge. Maybe the backhoe broke down. Uh oh… it looks like some of the cash is spilling out of the backhoe bucket. Do you think Connie will notice? Probably not.

Where exactly is this money going? Is it REALLY being backfilled into the general fund? Or not? Maybe that’s the Secret County Cash Warehouse (SCCW) in the background there. In other words, maybe that is actually Connie’s private barn on her property in Opportunity. For my out-of-town readers: YES, there is truly a place called Opportunity, Montana. It’s in Deer Lodge County, and you can see it from the freeway. It’s that rural community you come upon when you venture off the freeway at MT Highway 1, and head towards Anaconda. And yep, Connie Ternes-Daniels lives there. Figures.

So anyway, I do believe this is what we call “creative budget construction”. Connie is too busy trying to hang on to her job to notice how much cash is getting misplaced. She thinks that by putting on that hardhat and vest, and posing at a construction site, it might make her look like she is rolling up her sleeves and working, and keeping track of the cash.

I beg to differ. Let’s take a look at the latest county AUDIT REPORT, shall we? Gee, when Connie was touting how the county is in such good financial shape, why didn’t she mention the new audit report? Well, it’s because Connie and her cronies do not want any citizens to actually SEE the latest county audit report. They are trying to smokescreen the citizens with dirty backfill. 

Unfortunately for Connie and her cronies, the 2014-2015 county audit report is available to see at the Hearst Free Library, and Poopsie made copies of some real juicy parts of that audit report. I know the summary pages of the report have been posted on Facebook recently, but this needs to get posted as many places online as possible. The local government hasn’t posted this information online yet, but they should have, and that’s too bad. The voters need to see it. 

Responsible Budget Management? Oh, Really?

First of all, I want to point out that Connie Ternes-Daniels is looking like a compulsive liar. I think she must have some sort of political mental illness. She appears to be completely delusional when it comes to her job performance as Chief Executive. Before we look at the audit report, let’s look at her newspaper campaign ad from June 3, 2016:


(Ad printed, most likely free of charge, by the Anaconda Leader, June 3, 2016.)

I Believe Connie Is A Compulsive Liar.

How many outright LIES can you identify in this ad? Lookie, she is standing around with her hands in her pockets, again. Connie does NOT have her sleeves rolled up, as far as I can see. She did take the hardhat and safety vest off. She is now standing in a park. In Opportunity. But where are all the citizens? There are no families, no stray children, nothing. The park is empty. Deserted. A ghost park. She stands alone.

And where is this so-called economic development Connie is talking about? And the good paying jobs? Seriously, now. This is a crock of baloney. Perhaps Connie should look around town at all the houses that people are trying to sell… and CAN’T. People are trying to move away from Anaconda and Deer Lodge County, not move in.

We just had another school closure, too. In a small town like this, schools closing down and real estate that sits on the market for a couple of years is not an indicator of economic development OR good paying jobs. And that last bullet point on the list in Connie’s ad, responsible budget management, that is the biggest lie of all. Connie is an absolute toxic disaster when it comes to managing money.

I posted parts of the fiscal year 2013-2014 county audit report several months ago. The county had several significant deficiencies on that report, and it looks like Connie Ternes-Daniels has done absolutely nothing to rectify those problems over the past year.

Below are the summary pages of the newest audit report, from 2014-2015. Several of the latest significant deficiencies are exactly, word-for-word, the same as the audit report from the previous year. How on earth can Connie say her administration is responsibly managing the budget? Connie Ternes-Daniels is lying, badly. The following images were taken from the most recent county audit report available.

The Deficiencies Are Significant.

(These images are in JPEG format, and you can copy them.)

sam_0030 (1)








The Complete Audit Report Is At The Library.

I have not had time to read the whole thing. I am sure there is plenty of scary information in that report. These few pages of the summary are bad enough. Apparently, nothing has changed since last year. Connie’s budget had a deficit, as usual. Connie Ternes-Daniels is absolutely lying when she says her administration is responsibly managing the budget.


A Cop Kisses Off

June 30, 2016 (posted 12:05 A.M.)


A man’s kiss is his signature.

~ Mae West

The Sleaze Continues.

I hope this blog post is starting out in a seedy and sordid fashion. I am trying to set the sleazy aura of this post right away, so my blog readers can truly FEEL the sleaze. Of course, to be truly sleazy we need some shady, unsavory characters, and we have plenty of those right next door to Poopsie’s humble home. We also have a real sleaze-ball cop in this story, by the name of Officer Jack “Cock” Roche. (Sorry, Jack. I could NOT resist calling you that.)

And guess what cockroaches remind me of? FLOPHOUSES, that’s what. Oh, I know that’s an old-fashioned term: flophouse. But that’s exactly what my neighbors Malicious Motherlode and Daniel Neesmith have created in the shed they own next door to my house. There have been several unsavory flophouse-type creatures inhabiting this shed next door, illegally, for several years now.

The corrupt officials at the Anaconda-Deer Lodge County courthouse have aided and abetted this illegal flophouse, and now I think it’s being inhabited by drug dealers. Way to go, corrupt officials! You are a crook, Connie Ternes-Daniels! You are a crook too, Ben Krakowka! You law-breaking elected officials should all be ashamed of yourselves!

So anyway, last Tuesday, June 21, I was especially pissed off, because the new unsavory folks who moved into the flophouse next door had been harassing me relentlessly all day by climbing up the illegal pervert perch next to my home, and looking in my windows. Malicious Motherlode and her boyfriend erected the pervert perch specifically to harass me after they were ordered to quit pointing surveillance cameras into my windows.

The Pervert Perch: Stairway To Voyeurism.

Here is the pervert perch, pictured below. It’s that wooden deck and stairway contraption to the right of the white structure. This is totally illegal and totally NOT TO CODE. The pervert perch is freestanding on an eroding cut-out hillside. It’s just sitting there on some concrete blocks. It’s the stairway to voyeurism, and it’s hiding an illegal oil spill mess and some very illegal excavation beneath it, perpetrated by the so-called contractor Jim Strande.

Note how my front window is on the second floor ABOVE the street, and people standing on the pervert perch can peer over a six-foot privacy fence straight into my private front window. This photo was taken right after this illegal pile of junk was built, in May of 2015, and you can see the eroding hillside beneath it:


(That sign in my window says Strande Construction Sucks.)

Scroll down past the next paragraph to see a photo of the illegal excavation mess that the pervert perch is “hiding”. In the picture below, note how the downspout of the rain gutter is placed right over the eroding dirt. Imagine what happens during a gully-washer thunderstorm…. imagine how much dirt washes down the street. The back edge of the deck on the pervert perch is just sitting on the cut-out edge of the hill… and the hill is eroding more with every storm. Sooner or later, the pervert perch is going to slip off that cut-out hillside edge!!

Jim Strande DID NOT have any permits to be digging in a utility easement with a backhoe, in a Superfund site. He illegally moved a large amount of oil-contaminated dirt across the street and dumped it in the alley. 

This excavated mess below should have been backfilled and covered with sod, but it never was. There were NO legal permits for this. Jim Strande doesn’t need permits in Anaconda-Deer Lodge County because he has corrupt buddies at the planning department. The rickety pervert perch was built on TOP of this mess, to supposedly HIDE the mess:


Below are some photos that Jim Strande himself posted on Facebook, showing how he illegally made this ILLEGAL mess right next to MY HOME. Thanks, Jim Strande, for being such a dumb-ass and busting yourself with Facebook. I do appreciate it! Jim Strande had his toddler daughter running the bobcat for him, while they illegally dumped the contaminated dirt across the street. Typical Anaconda activity:


Boycott Strande Construction. The whole outfit is shady. Don’t trust ’em!

The Pervert Perch Is For Voyeurs. Nothing More.

The Pervert Perch is truly a joke, and anyone with any construction sense can see that! Malicious Motherlode in particular likes looking in other people’s windows, as does her boyfriend’s father, James. These people are indeed creepy voyeurs. Malicious Motherlode and her boyfriend even bragged about it on Facebook!  These people are very foolish to be posting all this stuff on Facebook. 

The pervert perch is obviously illegal and very UNSAFE, but the cops refuse to do anything about it. So yeah, I was mad at the neighbors for illegally renting their fire-trap flophouse with the pervert perch again, and I was mad at the cops last Tuesday for being negligent as usual, so I did what I do. I put up some signs in my Ford truck.

(This is the same truck that Malicious Motherlode allegedly vandalized.) 



(You can see the shattered windshield in the shot above, on the right side of the sign.)

I put up these signs the afternoon of June 21, 2016. That night, the Begonia Houses in Washoe Park were vandalized, as well. I am not kidding. Vandalism RULES Anaconda! The illegal flophouse and pervert perch are forms of vandalism, too.

What is the difference between BLIGHT and vandalized property, anyway? Not much! Think about it, folks. The corrupt county planning department has allowed my creepy neighbors to illegally vandalize their OWN PROPERTY. And that has adversely affected MY property, and my civil rights, as well. The cops just look the other way; they could DO something about it, but they refuse. 

I totally stand by these statements, too. I will NOT retract this statement:

“Most, But Not All… of the COPS SUCK.” (In Anaconda, anyway!!)

Imagine Who Took Offense To The Signs…

Hint: The cops took offense to the signs, and later that night I was in jail. To read about that jailing episode, just read my last blog post. Several people LIED through their teeth about the latest Poopsie Jail Episode, and Poopsie is not a happy camper about it! The real reason Poopsie went to jail again last Tuesday was NOT because she was supposedly harassing the illegal flophouse renters, but because of the signs shown above. LIKE DUH.

Seriously, folks. The cops do not like my signs. But they don’t have the right to throw me in jail because of the signs. But they did. And it was Officer Jack “Cock” Roche in charge of the showdown. After they hauled me to jail, Officer Roche was at the flophouse scene, getting so-called witness statements. He was overheard telling people that he was going to arrest Poopsie every time he was on shift.

At this point, a quick-thinking bystander whipped out his cell phone and began filming Officer Jack Roche. Police Officer Roche was incredibly rude to the bystander. The bystander said “Hey, can you repeat that? You said that every time you are on shift, Poopsie is going to jail!” Officer Roche refused to respond. When the bystander asked Roche to identify himself, Roche refused. Instead, Roche got cocky, and actually kissed the air for the camera!

Excuse me…. while I kiss the sky.

~ Jimi Hendrix

I cannot post videos on this blog, because it’s the free version of WordPress, so I took screen shots of the Roche video to post here instead. Following are shots from the cell-phone video the bystander shot of this ridiculous police officer being snarky, rude and totally unprofessional. What kind of cop KISSES OFF a citizen like this? Police Officer Jack “Cock” Roche, that’s who. Behold the ugly scene.

Here is Roche, ignoring the bystander’s questions:


He’s getting into his cop cruiser, slamming the door shut:


He’s looking really pissed off.

Roche is mad that the bystander is asking him to identify himself.

The Pervert Perch is visible in the background, below:



He hides his name badge with his arm, so the bystander cannot see:


The bystander is asking Officer Roche to identify himself.

Roche refuses to respond. He refuses to identify himself.

He just couldn’t be bothered.  He is too special to respond.

He is getting ready to do the KISS OFF:


It’s as if he is saying fuck you to the bystander.

But he never actually says a word:


He just starts to pucker up… ready for the smooch-off:


He lets it rip. It’s a mean and nasty kiss. The kiss of corruption:


On the video, you can hear a loud smooching sound here:


Roche is just too damn special to bother to identify himself: 


He drives off without answering the citizen’s question:



This cocky cop thinks this is all real funny.

Anaconda cops enjoy harassing and laughing at citizens.

Anaconda cops enjoy humiliating and gossiping about citizens.

Roche has just taken the bully’s side.

Roche is a low-life. He must enjoy being near flophouses.

Roche had no reason to arrest Poopsie.

Roche manhandled Poopsie. He bruised Poopsie’s arm.

He obviously didn’t investigate or follow the law.

He just blamed the victim.

Roche sucks. He is corrupt. He is violent. And way too cocky.

Hey, Officer Jack Roche!

I have a great idea.

Why don’t you just….


Love, Poopsie.


Fishy Business


Friday. May 27, 2016

So, we need to find out why the write-in county attorney candidate, Mike Andersen, suddenly withdrew from the election this morning. I find it quite odd that we are now left with only one candidate; the incumbent Ben Krakowka, who is corrupt as sin.

Big Fish. Little Pond.

Mike Andersen held a meet-and-greet campaign event that I attended Thursday evening (last night) in Anaconda. Mike Andersen told me he reads my blog, and he asked me a few questions. I told him Ben Krakowka needed to be in prison. I really liked Mike Andersen; I felt he would have been good for our community. I even told Mike Andersen that Ben Krakowka had most likely been covering up child abuse crimes. Then I came home and wrote an overly-gushing, positive blog post about Mike Andersen, which I have now deleted. 

Unfortunately, this candidate turned out to be another case of… if it sounds too good to be true…. it most likely ain’t true! Folks, it looks like we got LIED TO by another lawyer, and his name is Mike Andersen. I feel violated. MIKE ANDERSEN LIED TO US.

Less that 24 hours after I shook the candidate Andersen’s hand, the Anaconda Leader reports that Mike Andersen has accepted a job with the Attorney General’s office working for the Child Protection Unit in Glendive. This is from today’s Leader. May 27, 2016:


This comment by Andersen makes no sense to me: “… as a father of five, I had to take a guaranteed job”. Uh. He HAS a job already, as a state public defender. And as a father of five needing a guaranteed job, then WHY on earth did he file as a write-in candidate for county attorney in a county he doesn’t reside in, and then dupe the voters with his insincerity? As a father of five, why would he just up and move his family all the way across the state if he already has a guaranteed job and is living in Butte?

Following is a quote from Ben Krakowka about Andersen leaving the county attorney’s race. Leader Editor Kathie Miller hid Krakowka’s comments on page 3 of today’s newspaper. Remember, we were just meeting and greeting Mr. Andersen last night:

Being the county attorney for a community means you’re representing the people who live there and being a part of their community. I’m glad Mr. Andersen realized he made no previous effort to be a part of our community and that he realizes his interests resided elsewhere.

~Ben Krakowka, Deer Lodge County Attorney   (May 27, 2016)

Well, now. It sounds like Andersen got pushed right out of the county attorney race by the Big Fish known as King Krakowka, just based on Krakowka’s comments alone. Sounds like Ben Krakowka had some kind of prior knowledge of this, doesn’t it?  How exactly does Krakowka know what Mr. Andersen “realized”? Andersen’s and Krakowka’s interpretations of the situation aren’t exactly the same, according to their comments.  And of course, the Leader always obfuscates, as well. Ben should have said something like this: “I was looking forward to a lively political race, and I wish Mike all the best.”

But Krakowka didn’t say anything like that, did he? In the quote above, he sounds like a jealous, territorial bully who has just run his political opponent out of town because citizens were actually trying to meet and get acquainted with that very opponent the previous evening! Hey, it’s the Anaconda Way, folks. If you come into town and speak up about changing the corrupt local status quo, you get run out of town by Good Ole Boys, and you get run out fast. Ben Krakowka’s opponent Mike Andersen was just sent packing, all the way to Glendive! That is exactly what it looks like to me. Like duh. This is Anaconda.

Krakowka sounds exactly like a typical Anaconda bully with those comments. He thinks he is supposed to sound like a hard-ass at all times. Krakowka was getting nervous because there was a real chance he might LOSE the election and I absolutely believe County Attorney Krakowka orchestrated Andersen’s exit from the election, using bully tactics. I predict Ben Krakowka will lose his job anyway; he has committed crimes and the crimes are easy to prove. 

And it looks like Andersen is just another unethical self-serving lawyer, who couldn’t care less about all the people he just met last night. It looks like he is climbing up the corrupt government ladder to bigger and better things! Whatever he told us last night, it doesn’t matter now, because he obviously wasn’t sincere. Mikey, we hardly knew ya! I can imagine even more of our taxpayer dollars will be wasted when this feller starts his new state job. His new job is in the Child Protection Unit. That scares me. Badly.

Yep, I am pretty angry at this Andersen dude. I am just kind of dumbfounded. This is a perfect example of why we don’t trust politicians. We just got the rug pulled out from under us, big time. Andersen didn’t say a WORD about this new job at the campaign event last night. He now looks totally spineless. Who gave him this new job, out of the blue, with no advance notice to the VOTERS? I believe the man who picked Mike Andersen for his new job with the Child Protection Unit could very likely be the Assistant Attorney General named Brant Light, or one of Light’s devious henchmen. (The plot thickens.)

Brant Light Of The Lawyer Brigade.

I have quite a history with the man they call Brant Light, who is the Chief of the Prosecution Services Bureau of the Attorney General’s office, which oversees the Montana Child Protection Unit. Brant Light’s bureau is also in charge of supervising and handling complaints about all the county attorneys in Montana. Is this starting to smell super fishy by now? Oh you bet!

Below is a screen shot taken from the Montana Secretary of State’s website.  This page concerns the organization of the Justice Department. In particular, Organizational Rule 23.1.101. I have highlighted the paragraph that details the role of Brant Light’s Prosecution Services Bureau:


BRANT LIGHT IS THE MAN WHO IGNORED MY VALID COMPLAINTS about County Attorney Ben Krakowka and his deputies Ellen Donohue and Susan Callaghan way back in 2013.

Brant Light himself refused to take a child abuse complaint from me; I would say that’s the height of hypocrisy. This man oversees the Montana Child Protection Unit, and HE IGNORED A CHILD ABUSE COMPLAINT. I have almost no respect for the man named Brant Light. I have been stonewalled by him for three years now.  He is a typical, arrogant Montana Good Ole Boy. And a lawyer to boot.

Brant Light is absolutely not doing his job. He is just as corrupt as Ben Krakowka, from what I can tell. Ben Krakowka hired Susan Callaghan illegally as a prosecutor in 2013, and Light’s office had full knowledge of it. Brant Light’s office ignored my complaints about the prosecutors here, and the CRIMES IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD ESCALATED in 2013 and 2014. This is all documented. In police reports as well. 2013 was a bad crime year in Anaconda and I believe it’s because Brant Light was mostly “in the field” that year, and not paying attention to what his subordinates were doing.

Brant Light ignored my complaints about Ben Krakowka, and now it looks like Brant Light’s Prosecution Services Bureau has hired away our write-in candidate for county attorney by offering him a better job than the one he currently has.  I wonder if Mike Andersen will be getting a pay raise, more than his current public defender’s salary? No doubt. I just betchya!

Dishing On Fishy…

Why did Mike Andersen hold a candidate meet-and-greet event on Thursday evening, only to withdraw from the race on Friday morning? He gave me no inkling at all that he would be withdrawing from the county attorney’s race overnight. And how did Mike Andersen, Ben Krakowka’s opponent, all of sudden get offered a job with the same bureau of the Attorney General’s office that is supposed to, but FAILS TO supervise all the corrupt county attorneys in Montana, including Ben Krakowka? Wow. This was a brazen act, looks like to ME!!

Ben Krakowka’s supervisor at the Attorney General’s office in Helena, Brant Light, or possibly one of Brant Light’s subordinates, apparently gave our write-in candidate Mike Andersen a higher-paying job so that the crime-committing Ben Krakowka could run for county attorney unopposed.  I mean, it’s not like Mike Andersen just withdrew from the race to go back to his current job as a public defender in Butte. NOPE… this sounds like a move UP THE LADDER for Mike. And so very fishy. So very manipulated!

I believe Krakowka has a lawyer friend who works for Brant Light in Helena, too. This guy goes by the name of Dan Guzynski.  Krakowka donated money to Guzynski’s failed state senate political campaign. Guzynski could be involved in this as well:



Let me introduce you to the Helena Good Ole Boyz Club of Shysters, folks.  I just call ’em like I see ’em. This whole bizarre episode sounds really fishy, totally corrupt, and I want to know what is going on. This is scaring me badly. It’s big time fishy. Dan Guzynski is an assistant attorney general working for the notorious Brant Light. What is going on up there in Helena??

Mike Andersen flat-out lied to voters at the campaign event, and now he is going to work for the CORRUPT Assistant Attorney General Brant Light, who is also Ben Krakowka’s supervisor. Wow, no wonder the citizens are feeling STOMPED ON. It’s not very dignified or respectful to treat voters the way this candidate Mike Andersen did. His web page is still up, so I guess he is still LYING.

Andersen’s lies last night speak volumes about the culture of corruption in the Montana lawyer community. Andersen has been hired away from a political election by the Montana Attorney General’s Office. It looks like the Attorney General’s office is trying to influence the election of a county attorney it supervises. And in the meantime, Mike’s public defender clients in Butte, America… are getting the shaft, no doubt!! Does anyone care about Mike Andersen’s public defender clients? Poopsie does!

Why did he have this meet-and-greet, you have to wonder?  I mean wow. We can’t trust ANYBODY!! I feel like I got kicked in the gut by Mike Andersen.  All I can say… is watch out for lawyers, folks. Just watch out!!